The Best iPhone Cases 2023

A range of iPhone Cases

Many of us use our iPhones every day for various tasks, be it communicating with family or checking important e-mails; it’s vital therefore to protect it from potential damage.

In this breakdown of the best iPhone cases, we’ll help you find the ideal cover for your handset, whether you want to prioritise protection with the strongest case, or mix it up with a creative flourish.

If you’re on the lookout for an iPhone case, our iPhone case range has multiple options to suit a wide range of needs.

Best overall iPhone case

Apple iPhone Clear Case

Sometimes it’s nice to marvel at our handset and show it off to the world. A clear case does this by making the outer cover completely transparent, while still providing efficient protection. The Apple Clear Case is a top choice, and comes with the build quality and features you would expect from the brand.

To ensure its clear case is light and comfortable to hold, Apple used polycarbonate materials in its construction. These afford the Clear Case with a very small footprint, keeping its weight down and durability up. Crucially, the polycarbonate material also grants this case with its distinctive clear look, and comes with a scratch-resistant coating to help it shrug off those bumps and knocks.

clear case.jpg

Being an Apple product, the Clear Case is compatible with the brand’s various charging technologies, such as the MagSafe and Qi chargers; all you have to do is attach the MagSafe device to your Clear Case and away you go. This functionality is extremely useful if you’re regularly travelling around and don’t want cables dangling from your pocket.

With its classy design, construction and scratch-resistant coating, the Apple Clear Case takes the crown as our top recommended iPhone case.

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Its raised corners are a nice touch too, helping protect the phone’s screen by absorbing the impact from a drop. The material is also shockproof to further reduce the possibility of damage should you drop your iPhone.

To support efficient wireless charging, the Mous Limitless 5.0 comes with Apple’s MagSafe technology, which enables you to safely connect the MagSafe charger to the back of the phone. This feature is a lifesaver if your handset is running low while commuting.

Best iPhone cover for protection

Otterbox Defender

If durability is the most important factor in your iPhone case above all else, the Otterbox Defender is for you.

Immediately upon looking at this case, you know your iPhone is safe and secure. The Otterbox Defender’s outer layer is made from an extremely thick rubber, and at 0.6”, it’s one of the thickest cases on our list. This is a heavy case for sure, but the density of the Otterbox Defender, alongside its military-grade drop-test construction, affords a level of protection that few other iPhone cases can match.

Thought and consideration has also been given to protecting other areas of the iPhone that might go a little unnoticed. It’s no secret that liquid and USB ports don’t mix well together, yet some cases opt to leave them exposed for ease-of-access. The Otterbox Defender provides the best of both worlds by including rubber flaps to hide the USB and charging ports; when you don’t need them, simply fold the flaps over and keep out any damaging dust or water particles.

Otterbox Defender Case

For the travellers or festival-goers among us, the Otterbox Defender includes another handy tool in the form of a plastic holster. This attaches to the back of the iPhone and is equipped with a utility clip for improved handling when moving around. The clip can also be used as a kickstand when watching videos or taking a call; no need to crane your neck in an uncomfortable position.

The Otterbox Defender is an iPhone case with a significant presence; it’s heavy, bulky, and doesn’t feature wireless charging support. However, because of these factors, it is an outstanding companion for anyone who desires the upmost protection for their iPhone.

Best wallet iPhone case

OneTop Wallet Case

A wallet case is a great way to combine the storage capabilities of a traditional wallet with the protection of a phone cover. The OneTop Wallet is our pick for the best wallet iPhone case, thanks to its significant carrying capacity and stylish design.

A rather ingenious design feature on the OneTop Wallet case is the reverse cover flap. It’s common with wallet cases to see the cover fold over onto the screen; this is good for protecting the display, but it typically obscures the side buttons as a result. The OneTop wallet case remedies this by adding magnetic clasps on the back, so it can be secured without hiding the screen.

One Top Wallet Case

Designing the OneTop Wallet case like this is a clever move, particularly when it comes to securing the case’s many storage compartments. The rear of the OneTop Wallet has enough room for everything you need, including credit cards, drivers license, reward cards and money. Because the cover flap is designed to fold onto the back, it safely hides away your essentials even when using the phone; bonus points for fantastic security features.

We can’t talk about the OneTop Wallet case without also mentioning its stunning look. The PU leather that adorns it very much looks like the real thing, and the entire case feels incredibly light; especially important if you’re carrying around multiple cards in the slots. This is a truly stylish iPhone case that brings together the best of wallets and phone cases to create something special.

Best iPhone case for creative designs

Burga Tough and Elite

When seeking an iPhone case with a unique creative design, we landed on the superb Burga Tough and Elite.

Inside and out, these phone cases radiate style. The rear design on both options comes in a wide variety of choices, from chequerboard patterns to natural designs like emerald and leaves. The high-quality material means each style pops with colour, giving the Burga Tough and Elite cases a premium feel across every inch.

Burga Tough Case

The Elite model gets its name from the extra features it includes, such as increased shock absorption, improved grip and stunning gold bezels. If you want a more budget-friendly option from Burga, the Tough model retains an impressive level of protection courtesy of its silicone interior, raised 2mm bezels and easy installation.

Whichever option you go for, you’re getting a one-of-a-kind phone case that enables you to fully showcase your creative side, while shielding your iPhone from harm.

Burga Elite Case

With any of these cases protecting your iPhone, you can go about your day with peace of mind. If you’re on the lookout for an iPhone that can withstand the elements, check out our rundown of the top waterproof handsets.

Phone case FAQs

Is a silicone or hard case better for an iPhone?

The main difference between a silicone and hard case is what they protect against.

Silicone or rubber cases are far better at absorbing shock impacts from drops, whilst hard shell cases offer greater protection from smaller drops or scratches.

If you’re more concerned about knocks to your iPhone, a hard case is likely the better option. Likewise, a silicone case is the ideal choice if you’re worried about dropping your device.

Should I remove my phone case while charging?

Most phone cases are designed to ensure your device doesn’t overheat while using it, but the temperature can be raised slightly during the charging process.

If this occurs, remove the case until your phone has recharged to keep the battery cool.