Black Friday 2024 - Everything You Need To Know

Endless queuing for Black Friday

Black Friday 2024 is one of the most anticipated shopping events of the year, not only for keen Christmas shoppers but for tech enthusiasts too.

You'll find the very best deals over what's now transformed into a four-day event, on everything from flagship smartphones and eye-popping 4K TVs to smaller items like perfume and clothing. But what exactly is Black Friday? And how can you make sure you get your hands on cutting-edge tech for less in the UK?

What is Black Friday?

Traditionally a commercial event in America, Black Friday began as a day filled with amazing deals to mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season in the USA. Since 1952, Americans have rushed to the shops to get their hands on the best bargains. Today, deals are both in stores and online and continue throughout the weekend.

Large group of people rushing into a store for Black Friday

Year after year, Black Friday continues to increase in popularity. While the event can now last for four days or more, global sales for the Friday in particular keep rising. In 2017, an estimated £1.39bn was spent online alone in the UK on Black Friday, a 11.7% rise from 2016.

Why is Black Friday called Black Friday?

The true origin of the phrase 'Black Friday' is still disputed, but many credit police officers from Philadelphia for creating the term in 1961. References from the New York Times cite that the term was used as a way to describe the traffic and smog that was caused by shoppers on the day after Thanksgiving.

Queues of cars filling the streets on Black Friday in 1960s

A second explanation remains just as popular. A company's financial records are said to be recorded using either red or black ink, with red marking a loss and black signifying a profit, hence the name. With sales sky-rocketing on Black Friday, it's a meaning that's stuck.

When did Black Friday arrive in the UK?

Originally an American event, it wasn't until 2010 that the UK experienced its first taste of Black Friday. Amazon was the first retailer to introduce the concept to British shoppers online, with others quickly following suit.

Black Friday Weekend posters in shop window

Today, most major retailers (both online and in stores) tend to join in with Black Friday by offering their customers exceptional deals as part of their own Black Friday 2024 event.

When is Black Friday 2024?

Black Friday marks the day after Thanksgiving, which always falls on the fourth Thursday in November.

Date of Black Friday - 4th November

Black Friday 2024 will take place on 29th November. Here at, we'll be celebrating with an entire week's worth of deals - so there's never been a better time to upgrade your tech.

How to get the best Black Friday deals 2024

Make sure you know what you're after before you shop, so you're not impulse buying at random. If you're after a Black Friday mobile phone deal, make sure you know all bout the iPhone 15, you know the Samsung Galaxy S23 from the S23 Ultra and that you're up to date on the latest Google handset.

Your best bet is to register with the Black Friday 2024 page for updates, and check back regularly, as new deals will be added during the whole of the Black Friday week, right up until Cyber Monday. You can also find on Facebook, so be sure to like and follow for regular updates closer to the time.