Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Fact or Fiction?

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus: Fact or Fiction?

Samsung has already let slip the news that it will be bringing its typical autumn product launch into late summer, but whilst the Galaxy Note 5 is already on everybody’s lips, could we also see something else?

The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus is the other device that is being heavily linked to the South Korean smartphone company. In fact, some are even speculating that the S6 edge Plus will be the only handset released in Europe, instead of the Note 5.

If this is the case, what kind of smartphone can we expect? Let’s find out. And don't forget to also check out our Samsung shop.

Say hello to the S6 edge Plus

It’s certainly no surprise to see a follow up for the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, that’s for sure. After launching at MWC in March 2015, Samsung has seen the S6 edge grow from something which was only intended to be released as a specialty device into a legitimate front-runner on the mobile market.

In fact, Samsung was so surprised by the success of the S6 edge’s success at first that the company had to increase the production of the curved screen from 2 million each month to 5 million. For those questioning the legitimacy of the curved screen support, that’s a 150% upgrade in production levels.

The proof was in the pudding when it came down to sales figures as well. Whilst the S6 edge was originally expected to make around 20% of the sales figures that the regular S6 managed, it managed to blow the target out of the water by accounting for 50% of all Galaxy S6 sales.

With numbers like this, it seems that Samsung is onto something with the curved screen handset, so why stop there?

S6 edge Plus vs S6 edge

With a follow up handset arriving less than six months after the original launch of the device, just how much improvement can we really expect from the S6 edge Plus?

As you might have guessed already, the biggest and most notable difference that comes with the S6 edge Plus is the increase in screen size. The display keeps the QHD resolution from the smaller device, but ups in size from 5.1” to a more phablet styled 5.5”, making it better for movie and video playback.

The general design of the handset is practically identical to the S6 edge as well, with the same styling being introduced, only on a bigger scale. This leaves the only other differences making their way under the hood.

Those expecting a completely new S6 edge will be let down, as the S6 edge Plus brings most of the same internal kit into the bigger handset. The processor, chipset and camera are all exactly the same as last time. It is nice to see an improvement in the RAM however, which ups by a gigabyte from 3GB to 4GB, matching the Galaxy Note 5.

S6 edge sales

50% of all Galaxy S6 sales have been contributed by the S6 edge, much more than Samsung expected from the curved screen device…

The only other difference of note is the upgraded battery, which hits the 3000mAh mark. This ensures that the S6 edge Plus keeps its lengthy battery life despite the increase in screen size, so don’t expect to be plugging in the handset more often than a standard sized Samsung device.

Curved screen love, on a larger scale…

This isn’t the first time Samsung will testing its curved screen prowess on the phablet market. Back in September 2014 you might remember seeing the Samsung Galaxy Note edge, which launched alongside the Note 4, but only packed a curve on one side of the handset.

However, it didn’t quite take the market by storm the same way the S6 edge did. This is probably the reason why it hasn’t received a follow up of its own.

But although it didn’t reach the heights many had hoped, it still ended up being a neat experiment for the South Korean company, and did spawn the conception of the S6 edge in some shape or form. However, it didn’t quite hit the mark for consumers – raking in markedly less cash than the much more favoured Note 4.

Compared to the 4.5m Note 4 Sales which were made in the quarter immediately after its launch, the Note edge managed only 630,000 sales. Whilst this certainly wasn’t a financial disaster for Samsung, it still proved much less fruitful an adventure, and even got a bit of a roasting from its critics.

However, whilst it didn’t take quite as well as the S6 edge, it definitely packed more of a punch with its curved display. However, these features seemed to fall on blind eyes, with users much preferring the refined look that is found on the S6 edge Plus…

Will the S6 edge Plus be a success?

Considering the growing love of edge displays and curved screens in general, it would take a foolish smartphone gambler to put money on the S6 edge Plus failing to impress.

Following the scorching success of its predecessor, and the potential surrounding a refined phablet launch that will possibly exclude the ever-successful Note 5 (again, more on this soon), we can imagine that there will be a lengthy queue building outside high street retailers when the handset makes its appearance.

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