Games to Look Forward to in 2019

Games to Look Forward to in 2019

The gaming industry is huge, with the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) reporting that a whopping $36 billion was spent on the gaming industry by American consumers alone in 2017. Adventure, strategy or action, whatever you're interested in you're sure to find something to interest you from the huge selection available.

Providing endless hours of fun, gaming is set to be just as popular, if not more so, in 2019. There are plenty of new releases to get excited about, and we've featured some of the most hotly anticipated below.

Kingdom Hearts III

Expected release date: January 29th 2019

It's been 14 years since Kingdom Hearts II was released, and it's safe to say fans are beyond ready for the next instalment of this Disney RPG. Due to be released on January 29th, for both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, gamers will set out on a mission to protect Disney and Pixar worlds from the invasion of an evil force known as the Heartless.


You'll take the role of Sora, the protagonist of Kingdom Hearts, who'll be joined by the likes of Donald Duck and Goofy to ensure good triumphs over evil. Plenty of classic Disney characters will make an appearance, alongside newer members of the Disney world from the likes of Monsters Inc, Big Hero 6, Tangled and more.


Expected release date: February 22nd 2019

Rising from EA's BioWare studio, Anthem is expected to cause some serious waves in late-February. An online multiplayer shooter game set in a sci-fi world that remains unfinished by the Gods, you'll take the role of a Freelancer (a guardian of sorts) and put on your javelin suit to fight both monsters and natural threats such as 'Shaper Storms'.


You're not expected to fight evil alone, however. Join up to three other players and take on the challenge together to triumph as one. Anthem will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

Devil May Cry 5

Expected release date: March 8th 2019

A series of action-adventure hack and slash video games, Devil May Cry has a huge following. The fifth instalment, Devil May Cry 5, will be available to purchase early-March and will follow on from events in Devil May Cry 4 (which we won't spoil if you haven't played it yet).


Simply expect extraordinary graphics, plenty of demons to defeat and the return of Nero, the character you'll be controlling. Wonderfully cinematic, extremely difficult and full of insane, over-the-top features, you're sure to love it. Get it on Xbox, PlayStation 4 or Windows.

Code Vein

Expected release date: TBC

Available for Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, everyone can enjoy Code Vein. This action-packed role-playing game is set in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed by a mysterious disaster.


You'll be one of the few that survived - a vampire. Your quest for blood will take you through this dystopian world, and you'll have select superpowers (known as 'gifts') to help you combat enemies that get in the way. Code Vein is fast paced, unexpected and offers some amazing graphics, and it's a must for anyone who loves Dark Souls or Bloodborne.

Team Sonic Racing

Expected release date: May 21st 2019

On a slightly lighter note, Team Sonic Racing is sure to be loved by gamers of all ages. There's a huge focus on cooperative gameplayer here, and you'll be split into teams of 3: join in online and play against other gamers across the world or gather up your friends to go head-to-head in multiplayer mode.


You'll take the role of a Sonic character of your choice (there's 15 to choose from), and have the chance to customise your vehicle before the race. Choose wisely, select features that compliment your driving style and work together to win the race. Set your alarms for May 21st, and pick Team Sonic Racing up for one of four platforms: Nintendo Switch, Windows, Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Metro: Exodus

Expected release date: February 15th 2019

Metro: Exodus follows on from Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, two shooter games praised for their innovative first-person perspective and clever, stealth-based challenges. Based on novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the events in Exodus will follow on from the previous two instalments.


You'll find yourself in a wasteland that was once part of the Russian Federation, where mutated creatures and human enemies await. Set in 2036, the story spans across one year and you'll take the role of 23-year-old Artyom who must travel east to flee Moscow. Customise your weapons by scavenging materials and try your best to survive the harsh Russian winter.

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