Google Assistant Updates Coming in 2020

Google Assistant Updates Coming in 2020

Smart assistants keep getting smarter, with each new update bringing plenty of exciting new features with it. Capable of so much more than setting your morning alarm or providing you with weather updates, smart assistants are continuously evolving, and here we're going to take a look at what we can expect from Google Assistant throughout 2020.

Scheduled Actions

Google Assistant has the ability to work with a huge number of compatible devices, ranging from home security hubs and smart lights to smart fridges and kettles. Previously, it wasn't possible to schedule an action for these smart devices - for example scheduling your smart kettle to start boiling at 6am each day - but in 2020, it will be. Announced at CES 2020 as one of the many updates on the way for Google Assistant, Scheduled Actions will make it even easier to stick to your daily routine. All you'll have to say before you go to bed is something along the lines of "Hey Google, run the kettle at 6am."


Increased Smart Device Compatibility

Speaking of smart devices, Google Assistant will be able to interact with more devices than ever before by the end of 2020. Smart devices to be supported include Philips Hue, August Smart Locks, and GE Appliances, meaning you'll have even more choice when it comes to scheduling actions or using your gadgets hands-free.

As well as this, 20 more device types can now be controlled in the Google Home app, including coffee machines and air conditioners.

Reading Online Content

If you often find yourself short for time, but you're keen to keep up with the news, or you really want to read that blog article you've had bookmarked for weeks, then Google Assistant can help.

Now, it has the ability to read a full web page out loud for you, so you can listen hands-free. Whether you're busy cooking, replying to emails or need to get some other tasks done, all you have to do is head to the page in question and say, "Hey Google, read this page" to get started. Perfect for multi-tasking, Google Assistant will even highlight the point in the page it's currently reading, so you can keep track.


Interestingly, Google has also revealed that Google Assistant will be able to translate any text that isn't in your default language, intelligently recognise social media icons and other breaks in the text to skip over them, and provide you with the option to increase or decrease reading speed.

Digital Post-it Notes

Sticky notes, or Post-it Notes, are getting a digital upgrade with Google Assistant. Particularly useful for those who don't live alone, you will be able to leave a note on any compatible smart display. No credentials or log-in details will be required to view the note - it'll be available to view on the display for everyone to see.

Clear Google Assistant History Quickly

Keeping your Google Assistant activity private is important, and Google has introduced a new way to clear your history in a matter of seconds. To remove what you've previously asked, all you need to say is: "Hey Google, remove everything I've said to you this week" and all of your stored data will be deleted. You don't have to just do this weekly either, you can replace "this week" with "today" or "this year", for example.


Additionally, if you find Google Assistant has been triggered by something it shouldn't - such as your television - you can delete it from your activity log by declaring "Hey Google, that wasn't for you."

Introducing Speed Dial

Another time-saving feature for families or any kind of shared household, your go-to contacts can now be reached via Speed Dial from any compatible speaker or smart display. You'll need to set this up initially by selecting the numbers you wish to use, but once complete anybody in your house will be able to get in touch with the chosen contacts in seconds. Just say "Call Mum" for example, and the phone will start ringing.

You can find Google Assistant built into all Google Pixel devices, but it's compatible with any Android or iPhone handset too. Find a great contract or SIM-free deal on a smartphone you love today with