Introducing Google Pixel 4

Introducing Google Pixel 4

New for October 2019, the much-anticipated Google Pixel 4 has finally arrived, featuring an improved camera with reimagined Night Sight, faster face unlock, a high-speed processor and the new Motion Sense feature.
We explore the Google Pixel 4 in more detail, right here.

Google Pixel 4 Design

There's been a fair few design changes for the Google Pixel 4, and it has a significantly different look compared to previous models. The Pixel 4 is now surrounded by a slick black aluminium frame that covers every edge, offers a resilient rubberised back plate for added grip and houses the new dual-lens camera system inside a neat, square notch. Faster, more powerful face unlock offers convenience and security, and you'll be able to squeeze the sides of the Pixel 4 to activate Google Assistant in a matter of seconds.

You'll also find both the power and volume buttons tucked away neatly on the side of the Google Pixel 4, and the power button stands out against the rest of the phone in a contrasting colour.

Google Pixel 4 Display

Measuring 5.7 inches, stretching almost entirely across the front of the handset and offering a Full HD+ resolution, you can expect a refined, vivid and supremely detailed picture from the Pixel 4's display.

The handset is made using a flexible OLED screen. On top of emitting less blue light compared to a traditional LCD screen, flexible OLED technology is lighter, more durable and features a slight curve for a more immersive experience. There's a cinematic 19:9 aspect ratio, and a speedy 90Hz refresh rate which translates to an overall smoother display.


The Google Pixel 4 has an Always On display, so at a glance you can see the time, any important notifications, battery life and much more. With the Now Playing feature, you'll never be left wondering what the song you're hearing is - the Pixel 4 will listen and display the song title and artist on your lock screen.

Google Pixel 4 Camera

A Pixel first, you'll find a dual-lens rear camera on the Google Pixel 4. Always a huge selling point, the 12.2MP + 16MP camera can take remarkably detailed photos, and arrives with a whole range of impressive photography-focused features.

The rear camera is made from a 12.2MP wide lens (ideal for packing more of the action into one shot) and a 16MP telephoto lens. Helping you to add depth to your photos, the telephoto lens can create a bokeh effect - adding artistic blur to each image to gives your snaps a DSLR-like quality. You'll be able to activate an even better version of Portrait Mode thanks to the second lens, giving you more control and freedom to get creative.
Live HDR

Live HDR+ is one of the Google Pixel 4's major new camera features. You can now view the effects of HDR as you compose a shot. Thanks to new camera controls, you'll also be able to adjust highlights and shadows using sliders, helping you to achieve the perfect photo straight away without the need for editing apps.

Machine-learning White Balancing
Machine-learning based white balancing is available no matter which camera mode you choose, and whether you're shooting in bright or low light you'll be able to achieve truer colours with your smartphone photography.


The ever-popular Night Sight has also been transformed. As well as being able to shoot in darkness with seriously impressive results, you can now activate an astrophotography feature. If you stabilise the handset, you can take long exposure shots of the night sky, capturing amazing images of the moon, stars and planets. Be patient however, as an individual shot using astrophotography can take around 16 seconds to capture, and four minutes to fully process.

8MP Front Camera
With a 90-degree field of view, the 8MP selfie lens is well-equipped to capture your good side. Whether it's selfies or video calling you're into, Google has it covered. Even if you tend to get snap happy, you needn't worry. Every Google Pixel 4 includes unlimited online storage using Google Photos.

Google Pixel 4 Power and Battery

Fuelled by an octa-core CPU and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip, the Google Pixel 4 has plenty of processing power. Combined with a sizeable 6GB RAM, you can expect a seamless performance from the device - and one that banishes lagging and slow loading speeds, even when you're streaming videos, accessing AR apps and more.

All models come with Android 10 straight out of the box. You'll be one of the first Android users to get your hands on the latest operating system which, alongside offering a more efficient, faster performance, brings standout features like Dark theme, Live Caption and Family Link.


Google Assistant is integrated into the handset’s interface and compatible with more apps than ever before, so you can ask the intelligent assistant to help you with an endless list of tasks. Every Pixel 4 owner will be among the first to get Android 10 security updates, for the next 3 years as a minimum.

As for battery life, you're looking at a 2,800 mAh battery on board that's capable of both 18W fast charging and wireless charging. As long as you have a Qi-certified charger (sold separately), you can power up without plugging in.

Google Pixel 4 Motion Sense

Perhaps the Google Pixel 4's most innovative feature is the addition of radar. A sensor that Google has named 'Motion Sense' now enables you to control the phone without even touching it.


Using radar technology, Motion Sense will detect your presence whenever you're near the Pixel 4. Without placing a finger on the handset, you'll be able to skip songs on YouTube Music, dismiss or reduce the volume of an alarm, timer or call and trigger the phone to activate as you approach it - leading to a faster face unlock. Just learn the right gestures (waving your hand left or right, up and down etc) and you're sorted.

Motion Sense can be deactivated if you prefer - just head to Settings to switch it on and off when you please.

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