Introducing Samsung Galaxy A40

New for 2019, the Samsung Galaxy A40 is an impressive mid-range smartphone sporting the Samsung Infinity U display. Learn more right here.

Introducing Samsung Galaxy A40

The Samsung Galaxy A40 is another addition to the Samsung A series for 2019, and this affordable handset has plenty of specs to impress Android lovers on a budget. Featuring Samsung's cutting-edge Infinity U display technology, a dual-lens rear camera and a powerful core, it's definitely one to consider.

Samsung Galaxy A40 Display

Offering brilliant colour accuracy and an edge-to-edge viewing experience, the Samsung Galaxy A40's display is ideal for streaming, gaming and general day-to-day use. It measures 5.9 inches - great if you're after something that's not too large, but still a comfortable size to watch videos on the go.


The Galaxy A40 has a screen-to-body ratio of 85.5%, meaning you've got a streamlined smartphone on your hands that really maximises the space available to offer a larger display without the need for a bulky frame. As for display technology, the screen offers a Full HD+ resolution, uses Super AMOLED tech for a defined, true-to-life picture and features Samsung's Infinity U design, where a small dewdrop-shaped notch sits at the top-centre of the device to house the phone's front-facing camera and facial recognition tech.

Samsung Galaxy A40 Design

When it comes to looks, the Galaxy A40 is definitely pleasing to the eye. It has a sleek yet minimal design, and is available in a range of colours.

The frame is made from resilient, durable plastic yet it has a glass-like appearance - something Samsung like to call Glasstic. This adds a more premium feel to the handset without racking up the price, and its smooth back ensures the handset is easy to hold and use with one hand.


The phone has smooth, curved edges to add to its ergonomic design and you'll find a secure fingerprint sensor on the rear for fast access. The A40 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for users who prefer their choice of headphones, and the device is relatively lightweight at just 140g.

Samsung A40 Camera

The Samsung A40 camera features a 16MP+5MP dual-lens system on the rear, with the 5MP ultra-wide camera offering a 123-degree field of view, helping you to capture more in one shot. You'll also find a built-in flash and autofocus, and a Samsung-exclusive feature known as Scene Optimiser to enhance your photos. With Scene Optimiser, the phone can intelligently recognise 19 different scenarios (such as indoor, food, sunset and a specialised night view) and adjust settings automatically so you always receive the best picture.

The 25MP front-facing Samsung A40 camera is perfect if you frequently make video calls, or if you just love snapping selfies and group shots, there's ample megapixels to deliver brilliantly defined photos even in bright daylight or low light conditions.


The Samsung A40 amera uses Selfie Focus to blur out the background on your photos to create a professional bokeh effect, giving each image a portrait-like feel. Smart Beauty from Samsung also naturally enhances your best features, so you're Instagram-ready without the need for filters and editing.

Hours of fun are promised with AR Emoji, which uses augmented reality technology to create an animated version of you. Just follow the instructions to set up your own or choose from the pre-made AR Emojis - you'll have loads of options, including a cat, rabbit and bear. You can also add stickers to photos, stamps and even filters within the camera app.

Samsung Galaxy A40 Power

With features like a high-spec dual-lens camera and AR Emoji, it's no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy A40 needs a powerful core to ensure everything can run seamlessly. A fast 1.8GHz octa-core processor and 4GB RAM prevent the handset from lagging, even when dealing with graphics-heavy apps or demanding tasks, while Android Pie offers the latest Android advancements.


There's also a 3,100 mAh battery and 64GB internal storage under the hood. This battery is capable of 15W fast charge, meaning you won't have to be without power for very long.

Samsung One UI

We've already mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy A40 is an Android-based phone, with the latest operating system installed. But when you use the device you'll notice that it feels a little different to many Android phones, and that's because it has Samsung's own customised interface - Samsung One UI - on top.


Not only does One UI offer a whole new look, there are plenty of unique features to take advantage of. The most exciting have to be a new Night Mode that'll enable you to wind down and prevent eye strain on an evening and Bixby Vision which combines artificial intelligence with the A40's camera to make object recognition easy. Point the handset at a building, landmark, paragraph of text or even a sign in a foreign language and Bixby Vision will get to work, translating in real-time, helping you copy text into a digital format and providing extra information about what you're looking at - be it opening times, reviews or details on how many calories your meal contains.

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