Unveiled at the 2020 Samsung Unpacked event alongside the Samsung Galaxy S20 Series, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is the first ever handset to feature a folding glass display. Using Infinity Flex technology, the Z Flip's screen folds completely into a compact pocket-sized device.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Design and Display

Upon the very first glance, you'll notice that the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a smartphone with a difference. For a start, it folds half using something Samsung has called the Hideaway Hinge.

This hinge has been designed to fold time and time again, without showing signs of wear and tear. It uses sweeper technology to repel both dust and dirt, ensuring a smooth fold every single time. The hinge has been created to help you adjust the angle of the screen too - you don't have to open it up completely. You'll have the option to prop the Z Flip open at 90 degrees, which is sure to come in useful for video calls, taking selfies or snapping photos at a distance using a timer. There's an auto split screen feature to let you fully take advantage of this, enabling you to use two apps at once.

This design wouldn't be possible with Samsung's Infinity Flex Display. The Full HD+ Dynamic AMOLED screen measures 6.7 inches unfolded, has technology built in to reduce blue light and it won't show any creasing. There are no bezels - it's completely edge-to-edge like many of Samsung's recent handsets - and there's no notch to interrupt your view.


You'll also find a small 1.1-inch Super AMOLED screen next to the rear camera. Just double tap the Cover Display to see the time, date and battery percentage at a glance, or preview notifications and find out who's calling without opening the device.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Camera

Designed to stand on its own, the Galaxy Z Flip brings a new sense of freedom to smartphone photography. Not only can you take selfies on the 10MP front-facing camera without overstretching your arm, you'll be able to get more expressive in Google Duo video chats too. It's even possible to switch up the position, so you can find the perfect angle.


On the rear there's also a dual-lens 12MP+12MP camera, with an Ultra Wide lens shooting at 120 degrees and a wide-angle lens with optical image stabilisation to keep your photos focused. The Galaxy Z Flip has up to 8x digital zoom to help you crop freely without losing out on that great Samsung photo quality.

The rear camera uses Samsung's Flaw Detection to detect any issues with a photo - like backlighting, closed eyes or even a smudged lens. If it finds something, it'll prompt you to take another to make sure you never miss a moment. Live Focus and Live Focus video help you master the art of bokeh to - you can blur out the background of any photo or video before or after taking a photo or video.


To enhance your photos on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip even further, you can tap into one of 30 different photo modes via Scene Optimiser. Intelligently adjusting brightness, contrast and saturation levels, you'll be able to select the mode that suits you at the time shooting - there are modes for sunrise, sunset, pets, snow and loads more.

AR Emoji is present on the Galaxy Z Flip as well, so you'll be able to create your own personalised animated emoji, or play with the various animal-themed AR Emojis whenever you like.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Power

Running on the latest operating system - Android 10 - the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip promises a powerful, efficient and seamless performance. Handling all of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip's AR features effortlessly, and making it easy to use two apps at once, the octa-core processor keeps everything running smoothly.


When it comes to security, you'll be able to unlock the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip using the fingerprint scanner, facial recognition technology or via traditional methods like a PIN, pattern or password - the choice is yours.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Battery

Smaller than ever to fit inside the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the 3,330 mAh dual battery will keep you going all day, and all night. When the power finally does hit 0%, you can use Fast Charging (either wired or wirelessly) to boot the Z Flip back up, and if you're out and about and your friends are running out of battery, Wireless PowerShare will let you share your charge. As long as they have a Qi-compatible phone, you can transfer power from one handset to another by placing them back-to-back. If you own Samsung Buds+ (sold separately), they'll charge via PowerShare too.


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