Introducing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Introducing the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

If you're into gaming and always looking for something new to play, then you will love the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Available for the Xbox One, PC and select Android handsets and tablets, this monthly gaming subscription service has been designed to give gamers access to over 100 titles, as well as exclusive in-game content.

Discover everything you need to know about the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate below.

What is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

A video game subscription from Microsoft, the it's a fantastic way to try over 100 different titles for a set monthly fee. Rather than paying full price for a single game, you'll receive unlimited access to a diverse catalogue from a range of publishers. Games can be played on an Xbox One console, Windows 10 PC or any compatible Android phone via the cloud.


You'll never be restricted on the number of games you can try in one month. You can swap and change at your leisure, and if you start a game you don't like there's no commitment to finish - just move on to something else that interests you.

New games are continuously being added, and subscribers will also be able to access Xbox Game Studio titles on release day. Subscribers also benefit from member discounts and deals, free perks including exclusive in-game content and partner offers, and a free Xbox Live Gold membership for online play.

How much is the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is available for £10.99 a month. With the Ultimate subscription, you can play across multiple devices - meaning you can start a game at home on your Xbox One, and pick up where you left off with a compatible Android handset.


If you're not interested in playing on a smartphone or tablet, you might want to consider the slightly more affordable Xbox Game Pass for PC or Console. Both subscriptions cost £7.99 a month, and will allow you to access the same titles on your chosen device. With a PC or Console membership however, you will miss out on the free Xbox Live Gold membership (valued separately at £6.99), and select offers and in-game content.

Which games are included with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate?

The Xbox Game Pass library is continuously expanding, with over 100 games available to subscribers. Microsoft actively add new games on a regular basis, and you'll find an impressive selection online - including Xbox One, Xbox 360, original Xbox and Xbox Game Studios titles.

There really is something to interest every kind of gamer. Whether you're into action-adventure games, survival and horror titles, first-person shooter games or you love role-playing games, the Xbox Game Pass library has it covered. We've selected a handful of the most-popular titles currently available with subscription. If you're not sure where to start, give one of the games below a try:


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Part of the popular Resident Evil series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror game from Capcom. Released in 2017, it was the first main Resident Evil game to be released in first person, and players will take the role of Ethan Winters - a man currently searching for his wife in an abandoned plantation inhabited by a cannibal family.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will certainly keep you on your toes, and you'll need to fight plenty of enemies and solve a number of puzzles to rescue Mia (Ethan's wife). There's a huge emphasis on exploration in the game, with themes of horror guaranteed to get your heart racing throughout.


Sea of Thieves
Are you ready to take on the life of a pirate? Sea of Thieves will hand you the task of becoming the ultimate pirate legend, and you'll need to sail the seas, completing voyages from various trading companies to build your reputation. A first-person multiplayer, you'll be free to explore at your leisure and you can even form alliances - or make enemies - with other players.

Wasteland 3
New for August 2020, Wasteland 3 is a squad-based RPG game from developers inXile Entertainment and publishers Deep Silver. The sequel to the popular Wasteland 2, the game is filled with outstanding combat scenes and an interesting, interactive narrative. Depending on how you play, you'll reach one of 10 different endings. We won’t post any spoilers, but you'll begin the game with the Desert Rangers in the frozen wasteland that's post-apocalyptic Colorado.

How to use your Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on Android

The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is an Android exclusive, meaning iPhone users unfortunately won't be able to benefit from on-the-go gameplay. There are a number of things you will need however, to make sure you can play your favourite games whenever you're out and about.

To start, you'll need a compatible Android smartphone or tablet. You'll be able to play on any Android device that has Bluetooth 4.0+ installed, and Android 6.0 or greater. Some new releases include the Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 and the affordable Google Pixel 4a.


You will also need a compatible Xbox Wireless Controller with Bluetooth, and a 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, or a mobile data connection with a download speed of 10Mbps or higher.

Then, the last thing to do is purchase an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription and download the Xbox Game Pass app from either the Samsung Galaxy store or Google Play store. From here, you'll simply need to open up the app, select the game you wish to play via cloud and hit play.

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