Why the 12” iPad Pro display is set for success

Why the 12” iPad Pro display is set for success

Whilst Apple has seen plenty of success with its much loved iPhone, one area of its company which is struggling is its iPad department. According to CEO Time Cook, Apple have sold over 225 million iPads in just four years, however, analysts are predicting that iPad sales will drop to 13 million – an 8% drop year on year. How are Apple planning on combating this? By releasing the Apple iPad Pro, which features a larger than life 12″ display.

Hosting a bevy of brand new specs and features, Apple isn’t looking to pull any punches with this latest tablet. But just how important will its larger screen be for Apple? Will it prove to be a major selling point or just an expensive flop?

iPad Pro display features

Sizing up with a 12” high-res display, this will be the biggest iPad ever made. 4” bigger than the iPad Mini 3 and over 2” larger than the iPad Air 2, the iPad Pro is looking like a one of a kind tablet, that certainly won’t fit in your pocket.

This size screen gives the new iPad release plenty of room for all of your standard tasks like browsing Facebook and Twitter or surfing the web, but also makes it a great piece of kit to watch media downloaded from iTunes. Whilst the smaller tablets are still effective in this respect, bigger certainly does mean better when catching up with TV or taking in a film.

Of course it isn’t just your films getting an upgrade with this fabulous new iPad, but your games as well. Never before will you have played App Store games on such a beautiful display, and taking a step down after using it will almost seem like heading back to the Stone Ages.

The size of the screen doesn’t affect the overall build of the iPad Pro that much either, with a 7mm build making it just a fraction thicker than your iPhone 6. So whilst the height of the device will obviously increase, this doesn’t mean that it will be unmanageably thick, weighing no more than 700g.

Size isn’t everything on the Apple iPad Pro

Having a large screen is always a good thing, but it’s pointless without a decent resolution behind it. Luckily Apple has that covered by giving us 2K resolution; it packs twice as many pixels as you see in a normal 1080p display, making it incredibly sharp.

Whilst it isn’t hitting the dizzying heights of 4K, which is can be found on high-end TVs, computer monitors and apparently the new Samsung Galaxy S6 release, this is still a resolution which has yet to be matched on the tablet front. This means that if you invest in the 12” iPad Pro, you’ll be getting tech which is currently scores ahead of the competition.

With this kind of power, the iPad Pro will require a suitable battery to go along with it, and with an 11,000mAh effort making the cut, a massive 1.5 times larger than the iPad Air 2, we shouldn’t have too much to worry about. This totals a good couple days of use, so you won’t need to carry around that charger cable with you when you’re on the move.

Will we see an Apple stylus?

Having a stylus is something which Apple has been against for a while. Steve Jobs famously berated the idea of including a stylus with any sort of device and claimed that if Apple was to do it, they would have ‘blown it’.

However, Apple is set to go back on its word, bringing in a stylus to make the iPad Pro a more productive device than ever before. The accessory won’t be included with the tablet and won’t be integral to the performance like the S-Pen is on the Samsung Galaxy Note line-up, but will make working easier.

The Apple Stylus will be much more precise than your fingertip, and will also make annotation much easier. So, you won’t have to try and cryptically describe changes you want made to a presentation, as you’ll simply be able to show your colleague on the screen. More ambitious rumours suggest that the first-generation stylus will include a built-in gyroscope or accelerometer, with features like 3D handwriting more likely for future models. So, if the artist in you wants to come out and play, the stylus will definitely be the way to go.

iPad Comparison: will the iPad Pro take the throne?

Compared to the likes of the iPhone and iPad Mini, the iPad Pro is a completely different beast. The iPad Air line-up boasts the most similarities toward it, but even then it looks like a different class with its larger and sharper display.

If Apple manages a stress-free launch and markets it as we know it can, then it looks like the iPad Pro could be a winner. Whether it will turn the tide for the Apple tablet market however, is a tough question to answer, one which only time will tell and we’re expecting the iPad pro to hit our shelves before April.