Apple Event on Sept 10th - Must have Features for the iPhone 5S

It’s official. Apple’s fall event has been scheduled for 10th September 2013. The invites have been sent, and everything is now in motion. The iPhone 5S and the budget iPhone 5C could make their debuts on the podium with Tim Cook and send us all into overdrive, yet again.

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Rumours reported by AllThingsD suggest that the Apple iPhone 5S could be launched for pre-order shortly after the September 10th event, which means that there is little to wait until all the technical aspects of this flagship handset are officially revealed. While Apple’s design is already set in stone, it is still possible to predict some of the best iPhone 5S features ahead of the announcement. These iPhone rumours have varying degrees of validity, but hopefully enough will be accurate to make it a worthy successor to its venerable forebears.

Fingerprint Scanner

It is seeming more and more likely that Apple’s next iPhone will have a built-in fingerprint scanner which makes it much more secure and less likely to leave your private data exposed if it falls into the wrong hands. New reports suggest that the scanner will be built into the home button, which for the iPhone 5S will be convex and protrude from the surface of the phone, rather than being concave as it has been in the previous six generations.

New Operating System

One of the more official iPhone 5S features is the new Apple iOS update was unveiled earlier this year and promises big things for the iPhone 5S, as well as the older devices with which it is compatible. But aside from Apple’s revised user interface, which is a lot flatter and more minimalist than it has been in the past, what other enhancements will make the iPhone 5S all the more appealing?

One of the biggest improvements comes in the form of streamlined multi-tasking which lets you get a snapshot of what open apps are doing at a given time so that you know exactly what you are jumping back into before you select them. The new version of Siri, along with better inclusion of car-based integration, should help to keep the iPhone 5S ahead of the game.


Perhaps the most important improvement which Apple needs to make for the iPhone 5S comes in the display department. The Retina Display resolution is starting to look a little long in the tooth when compared with the full HD 1080p screens of its rival devices, so if the new iPhone gets even more pixels per inch then it will be all the better for users and Apple itself. Some rumours suggest that the iPhone 5S could have twice as many pixels as its predecessor, while other insiders have claimed that it might even be getting a bigger screen of around 4.3 inches across the diagonal.

In reality it seems that a resolution boost is more likely than a size increase, although Apple could pull something out of the bag that really shocks everyone.


The iPhone range has become adept in the photography department, thanks largely to the third party apps that help to improve image editing options and also make it easy to share snaps with friends. The iPhone 5S is thought to be packing a 13 megapixel camera, which is a worthy upgrade from the eight megapixel sensor found on the iPhone 5 and 4S. A higher resolution will mean that images have more detail, while new flash and lens technology should help to improve low light performance, which is something that Nokia has been achieving with its Lumia range.

The new improved camera iPhone 5S feature is the most likely to find its way onto the iPhone this autumn, aside from the already confirmed iOS 7 platform. Apple’s intentions should all become clear next month if the iPhone 5S release date of September 10th is the real deal.

iPhone 5S Features – The Rundown

So there we have it. The must haves for new iPhone 5 features, will this be the iPhone to change the game once more. Why not let us know what you think over at Facebook.

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