Flagship Smartphone Clash: iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Flagship Smartphone Clash: iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Two of the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers clash once again this year, as the Apple iPhone 6 faces up with the Samsung Galaxy S6. So, with both handsets ready to take each other on, which one really does rule the roost?

Design: Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

Arguably the best looking iPhone yet, the iPhone 6 sports an immaculate aluminium design which is also amazingly thin. Its corners are much more rounded than with previous efforts and with its increased size over its predecessors, looks like a great piece of kit.

Apple kicks things off with its 4.7” Retina HD display on the iPhone 6, which not only looks great, but is also shatter proof, making it practical too. Behind the screen we’re given a brand new A8 chipset to play with, offering ridiculous speeds and non-stop performance all day long.

A dual-core 1.4GHz processor couples 1 GB RAM inside the iPhone 6, with variations being available in 16GB /64GB/128GB storage options (though like all other iPhones, storage can’t be expanded by a MicroSD card). Finally squeezing inside the iPhone 6 is an 1820mAh battery, which despite looking cramped actually gives the device well over a day’s charge, meeting industry standard.

Samsung counters this with a stunning 5.1” Super AMOLED QHD display, making it incredibly sharp. A brand new Exynos 7420 chipset more or less equals the power of the A8 chipset shown on the iPhone, whilst an octa-core processor is also included on the S6.

3GB RAM triples that shown on the Apple handset, whilst up to 128GB of non-expandable storage is a first for the Samsung flagship product line. Finally, a 2,550mAh battery with fast-charging capabilities should be more than enough to power the improved screen for a similar time to that of the iPhone 6.

Cameras: iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S6

Remember when cameras were a bonus for our smartphones? Those days are long gone now. In fact, cameras are now a vital addition to any flagship smartphone and the battle between manufacturers couldn’t be any more ferocious.

The iPhone has stuck with software over hardware with its camera, with an 8 megapixel rear mounted lens accompanying a 1.2 megapixel effort on the front side. Whilst this may sound disappointing, Apple has really enhanced the latest iPhone’s lens to ensure the performance of each camera is top quality.

Samsung has once again opted for sheer power when it comes down to its photography work. Using a rear-based 16 megapixel lens alongside a 5 megapixel selfie snapper, the S6 stands out as one of the best flagship camera phones on the market, on paper anyway.

Apple or Samsung?

Both smartphones have their merits, that can’t be argued. But whilst Apple always looks like a bit of an under-performer on paper, it somehow continues to provide astonishing levels of performance with its smartphones. Equally, Samsung packs plenty of power for all to see, so it’s looking like a close contest!

With both handsets going head to head, it will definitely be interesting to see which one does the best when sales numbers are revealed side by side!