5 great camera features on the LG G3 release

5 great camera features on the LG G3 release

When the LG G2 was launched last year, talk was all about its rear-mounted control buttons and crystal clear 5.2-inch Full HD IPS display.

But with the release of the LG G3, the G2’s successor, it’s clear that it’s all about the camera.

So here are just 5 incredible LG G3 camera features which are set to rock the smartphone world this year.

1. OIS+ camera lens

The LG G3 features a 13 megapixel rear facing camera similar to the G2. However, LG has packed in the game changing OIS+ technology first spotted on the LG G Pro 2, which makes this 13MP camera unlike any other.

In practice, OIS+ will reduce blur motion that can often get in the way of capturing the perfect shot, allowing for much sharper, clarified pictures. In fact, LG has boasted that the G3’s OIS+ makes for 30% better camera shake control compared to the LG G2.

Alongside the G3’s OIS+ software, the device also sports a dual LED dual tone flash which aims to mimic the success of the HTC One M8 and iPhone 5s’ cameras. Rather than provide a bleached effect which makes your subjects look like ghosts, the dual tone flash on the G3 gives objects a softer appearance with tone more true to life.

Also, the LG G3 camera features Auto HDR mode, which automatically selects the best settings for your shots. This instantly reduces the time you spend toggling with your camera modes for each photo, generating photos with far richer tones compared to those taken in auto mode.

2. Laser Autofocus

Perhaps one of the most exciting camera features that the LG G3 boasts has got to be its Laser Autofocus. In reality this isn’t quite as James Bond as it sounds; it works by reflecting light at the subject, allowing the phone to measure the distance between the camera and what you’re snapping. The laser beam is in fact invisible, and allows the G3’s camera to focus better than any other camera in low light, or even total darkness

Because of the Laser AF function, the LG smartphone also benefits from a super speedy fast focus which, LG claims, will focus even faster than the human brain can send signals to their hand. And because there’s no need to even press down on the shutter icon to take a photo, the LG G3 is ready to start snapping away as soon as you are.

3. LG Selfie Mode

Ever since Ellen Degeneres published the world famous Oscars selfie, the world has gone crazy for the self-portrait fad. And you certainly won’t be left behind thanks to the LG Selfie Mode. Aside from the 2.1 megapixel front facing lens, the G3 also boasts gesture controls to allow for perfect selfies.

Simply clench your fist into a gesture that the phone will recognise, and an automatic countdown timer will launch, snapping your self-portraits in seconds.

The G3’s camera also illuminates your face using a white border which encompasses the phone’s viewfinder. This is great for snapping those night time ‘in da club’ selfies with your friends, mimicking a de facto flash on the front side of the handset.

4. New user interface makes photography easy

LG has also introduced a brand new user interface to the G3, and this of course extends to the handset’s camera. So many smartphones pack in thousands of new features which more often than not go unnoticed when taking quick snaps. LG has gone down the simplicity route, offering a camera user interface which is clean and easy to use. So when you launch the camera on the LG G3 all you get is your view finder; there’s not even a capture button, allowing you to touch the screen anywhere to take a picture.

That said, LG hasn’t taken away all of the G3’s camera features either. By touching the menu icon in the top corner of the screen you can access all the usual camera modes and features, including HDR, dual capture, Magic Focus (a background defocus mode similar to that of the Sony Xperia Z2) and panorama.

4K Video

It’s not just taking photos that the LG G3 camera is good at- the device is incredible at recording videos too. Coinciding with the growing trend, the G3 offers 4K recording capability, creating some of the sharpest videos from any other smartphone.

Plus, the L3’s videos are far less blurry than other smartphone cameras thanks to LG’s OIS+ on board. If you really want to wow with your videos, then the built-in Fast HD mode allows you to capture footage at 120fps. On top of the G3’s incredible camera recording capability, LG has developed its sound quality to offer the best audio quality possible for pitch perfect recording.