With Samsung, Sony and HTC all set to wow us at MWC 2015 with their flagship launches, LG is going to have to step up to the plate with its next handset. Of course the device in question is the LG G4, which will be taking a step up from the G3 we were greeted with back in 2014, and what a success it was! The Korean company certainly proved that Life’s Good thanks to the LG G3 as they celebrated selling a record number of smartphones in its best quarter for five years.

So with this in mind, how will the G4 compete with its predecessor? Can we expect to see a much improved handset take control? Or will LG give us a more refined upgrade, with a few succinct features taking the helm?

Design: evolution or revolution?

By the looks of things so far, it’s a matter of evolution rather than revolution for LG when it comes to design. To say the G3 was a nice looking handset would be an understatement, so you can understand the reasoning behind sticking with a similar style on the G4.

The major difference between the two models is the introduction of full metal construction, rather than the faux metal design of the G3. Although this doesn’t look massively different, it does make the G4 feel like a more premium device, although we expect it will knock the price tag up slightly.

The new handset is also slightly slimmer and smaller than its predecessor, making for another nice touch for the LG G4.

Other than this it’s business as usual from LG, with the rear-based volume rocker and power button keeping the front and edges of the handset clear of any buttons.

G3 vs LG G4 Specs

This is where LG has really gone to work. The G3 wasn’t an underperformer on this front, and it looks like the next handset won’t be either judging by the rumoured G4 Specifications.

The first change users will notice however is actually a downsize on the display front, dropping to a 5.3 inche screen from 5.5 inches of the G3. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, as it actually makes the G4 a bit more mobile and pocket-friendly.

The QHD resolution from the G3 is sticking around this time too, whilst the display material is upping to the more durable Gorilla Glass 4. Due to the smaller screen, this means that the G4’s display is marginally sharper than before, and whilst this change isn’t exactly meteoric, it’s an improvement nonetheless.

We get even more improvements internally on the LG G4, with a top of the range Snapdragon 810 chipset replacing the 801 effort on the G3. An octa-core processor also takes charge in place of the quad-core effort as well, meaning that the G4 should be ways ahead of its predecessor when it comes to raw speed.

There’s a host of more changes between the two handsets worth mentioning as well, with up to 64GB in-built expandable storage, 4GB RAM and an Adreno 430 GPU all offering upgrades over the G3 in one way or another. One thing which is staying put is the LG G3 battery, but with the improved processor and smaller screen, you can still expect a bump in battery life on the LG G4.

LG G4 camera: an improvement on the G3?

Finally, LG’s camera expertise is being pushed even further on the LG G4, with the handset staking claim to a 16 megapixel rear mounted lens and a 5 megapixel selfie snapper. This stands head and shoulders above the 13 megapixel and 2.1 megapixel efforts found on the previous flagship.

Overall, this makes the LG G4 one of the most highly anticipated upcoming phones of 2015.

G4 vs G3 Key Features

With LG G4 reviews applauding the design and specs, it may be easy to forget about some of the upcoming features on the handset. However, despite the multiple updates to the spec sheet, we’re only going to get one or two new features to play with, albeit big ones.

The first major change from the G3 is the LG G Pen stylus which will be coming with the new handset. It certainly seems like an odd addition considering the size of the screen has dropped, but regardless it’s still an exciting proposition. Not only will we be able to navigate the phone using the stylus, but we’ll also be getting the ability to use handwriting technology and document annotation, if you’re into that kind of thing, making it a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note range of phablets.

The second additional feature making its way to the G4 will be LG’s own battery saving mode. This is something that Samsung and Sony, along with many others, have launched already, and with the latest Android power saving mode in existence, LG will finally be jumping on board.

Other than this, the key features from the LG G3 are also set to come along for the ride on the G4, with Laser Autofocus and Knock Code the obvious highlights.

LG G4 Release Date

When put to an LG comparison, the G4 stands well clear of any device ever seen before, including the G3. The new LG phone sports the same smart design, and stuffs the spec sheet with a number of upgrades.

So when can we expect to see the new model? The latest rumours are hinting that LG is set to bypass this year’s MWC in March, instead opting for a May launch for the LG G4.

Based on the specs we’ve seen so far, the G4 is by far the best Lollipop phone from LG, and one of the new upcoming phones which people should definitely be looking out for in 2015.

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