Meet the meow-vie stars

The six familiar faces from our cat herding challenge have some surprising showbiz connections…

It’s a sunny day in London, as two large boxes are carried from a van into a pub on the corner. Tucked away in a quiet room, as final preparations are made, furry faces peer out through the gaps and chat among themselves.

Once they’re let loose in the room upstairs, ready to challenge our contestants, they’re climbing over the furniture, chilling out under the tables. One even jumps in for a hug with a lampshade…

But it’s all in a day’s work for Zac, Bob, Rob, Roy, Haggis and Ellen, who, as cat actors, have been involved in some pretty high profile stuff.

Zac, the incredibly cute grey kitten who has the whole film crew cooing, has just made an appearance on Celebrity Juice.

Rob, one half of domestic shorthair duo Rob and Roy, has starred alongside Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds, while you might recognise Roy from his role as ‘zombie cat’ in Misfits.

Liz, who owns the cats and takes them along to appointments, says: “After filming it’s all about routine, so they’ll sleep, chill out and have dinner.

“They were getting a bit bored towards the end and have seen it all before. They’ll do most things for treats though!”

Zac, Seven months

British shorthair cross

“Very gutsy, playful”

Bob, 10

White ragdoll

“He’s been doing this so long that he’s a real pro, though he can be quite aloof.”

Rob, 4

Black and white domestic shorthair

Roy, 4

Black and white domestic shorthair

** Haggis, 4**

“Quiet and laidback, but quite powerful”

** Ellen, 3**


“A real feisty redhead. Quite temperamental”