Must-Have Christmas Apps

Must-Have Christmas Apps

Want to take the stress out of Christmas shopping? Or are you keen to find a way to make this Christmas even more magical for the youngsters in your family? You might not realise it, but if you have your very own Santa's Little Helper right in your pocket.

It doesn't matter if you own an iPhone or an Android handset, there are tons of apps available to download on your smartphone this festive season. From the best games to play after Christmas dinner to apps that'll make present shopping a breeze, you'll find all the downloads you could ever need below.

Apps To Organise Your Christmas Shopping

Whether you're shopping for one person or the whole family, planning Christmas presents can be stressful. When you start planning gifts, make sure you use either The Christmas List or Giftry to stay organised.

The Christmas List

The Christmas List is one of the most popular Christmas shopping list apps out there, and you can easily add any lucky recipients straight from your contacts list. Just select who you're buying for, and away you go. Not only can you create clear and concise lists, you'll be able to set individual budgets, track your progress, share lists with others and even insert pictures as helpful reminders.


Giftry meanwhile, is useful all year round for gift giving, but it really shines during the holiday season. You can add items from all over the web, scan barcodes and import wish lists created by friends and family members on sites like Amazon.

Alternatively, you could create a separate Christmas section on some of the world's best 'To Do' lists - favourites include Wunderlist or Todoist.

Christmas Apps For Kids

Tech is amazing for fuelling a child's imagination. Receive a personalised phone call from Santa, and keep the magic alive with the Message from Santa app. You can enter your child's name, age and more to help the call feel as real as possible, and Santa can even place your child on the nice or naughty list. The app has loads of other festive features too. Children can leave a voicemail to Santa with their wish list, learn the names of his reindeer, check the weather in the North Pole and more.

Message from Santa

Elf Yourself, famous for transforming anyone into an all singing, all dancing Christmas elf, keeps improving year after year. Up to five people can star in the video, before you share it with friends easily. Kids will love the concept, while tech enthusiasts will be pleased to hear augmented reality features have been included for 2017. Now, you can place your elves on any background - put yourselves in front of your own Christmas tree, set them against the New York skyline or even boogie as an elf on the beach.

Elf Yourself

Don't forget to check out our blog on NORAD vs Google: The best way to track Santa this Christmas. Children and adults alike are sure to be glued to their Santa-trackers this Christmas eve, following Santa and his reindeer on their journey around the globe.

Apps for Christmas Day

After the turkey has been carved and you've eaten as much as you possibly can, most families like to kick back for the rest of Christmas Day.

Instead of playing one board game after another, switch things up with Heads Up. There's no limit to how many people can play the game, which is similar to charades. One person places their phone on their head, while a word flashes up on the screen. The best part? Your smartphone's front-facing camera will take a video of your friends and family desperately trying to help you guess.

Heads Up

When you fancy winding down and listening to Christmas music, opt for Christmas Piano: Music & Games for Android. A virtual keyboard, you can take it in turns to learn how to play your favourite songs, from Jingle Bells to We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

Even good old Monopoly now has an app. You can easily enjoy the classic game together, every player just needs to download it on their device.


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