New Emojis Coming to iOS in Autumn 2019

New Emojis Coming to iOS in Autumn 2019

Calling all emoji fans – Apple has announced they’re releasing 59 brand new emojis with their latest iOS update in Autumn 2019. In the sixth major emoji update for iOS, Apple’s newest designs bring more diversity to the keyboard, alongside plenty of fun additions to the existing food, animal, activity and smiley face emojis. Want to find out more? Let’s take a look at the new additions below.

More diversity

In 2018, Apple proposed to introduce more disability-themed emojis to its offering, and these have finally been introduced with the new iOS update.


New additions include an ear with a hearing aid, a deaf man and woman, a guide dog, a man and women in both a manual and motorized wheelchair, a prosthetic arm and leg, a man and woman with a white cane, standalone wheelchairs and a white cane. These emojis all have different skin tone options available too.

People & Smiley Faces

Whereas the majority of previous emojis only show head and shoulders, the newest update will see standing emojis of men and women, as well as a gender-neutral standing person for the first time. Apple has “standing couples holding hands” emojis in place already, but these only depict men and women in a yellow, neutral skin tone. To further celebrate diversity, these standing couple emojis will now represent gender-neutral and interracial couples, both same-sex and heterosexual.


Apple revealed that there are up to 75 different combinations of gender and skin tones for this new update, creating a more diverse and inclusive emoji keyboard.

Adding to their smiley face emoji offering, Apple introduces a yawning face for when you need to tell the world just how tired you are, as well as a pinching hand. Emojis of a woman, man and gender-neutral person kneeling are new additions too.


Animals are one of the most popular emojis, and Apple are adding even more to enjoy. Along with a guide dog, a service dog emoji has been introduced, as well as an orangutan, sloth, otter, skunk and flamingo.


Flamingos and sloths have long been one of the most requested emojis by Apple users, and now people will finally be able to use them.

Food and Drink

Apple adds new food emojis to its offering every year, to either represent the newest food trends or just add new emojis that haven’t been made before.


In 2019, the newest emojis include a buttered waffle, stick of butter, falafel, garlic, onion, a juice box, an ice cube, oyster and a Maté - a popular drink that hails from South America.

Clothing, Activities & Miscellaneous

Apple already has an extensive clothing emoji offering, but the new update will see a safety vest, sari, one-piece swimsuit, briefs, shorts and ballet pumps added to the list.

Extending the activity-based emoji offering, a kite, a yo-yo, a diving mask, a parachute and a banjo have also been included. Apple has a few miscellaneous emojis too, and the new update will bring emojis of a razor, a wooden chair, Saturn, an axe, a stethoscope and a plaster.


There’ll also be a Hindu Temple and a Diya lamp emoji for the first time, which is an oil lamp that originates from India and is widely used across Diwali celebrations.

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