New Moto E 2015 hands-on: The best affordable Motorola phone?

Flashy smartphones are an expensive commodity, costing more and more on a yearly basis. But how can you make sure you get the same style of a flagship smartphone without breaking the bank? With the new Moto E 2015 smartphone, we might have an answer to that question!

Could the Motorola Moto E be the best affordable smartphone on the market this year? Find out with our hands-on review! You never know – we might have stumbled onto a gem!

The New Moto E Looks Better than ever!

Regardless of how much cash you plan on spending, you always want your phone to look good. Sadly, some smartphones don’t always manage this feat (Google the Toshiba G450 if you need some proof). However, Motorola has sidestepped this potential landmine with its latest affordable smartphone, boasting a smart and somewhat flashy design in spite of its friendly price tag.

Coming in a very minimalistic selection of colours, you can choose from black or white – so if you’re after a splash of colour you’d better get the crayons out. But in general the design is a great one, offering a smooth build with standard button placement.

Making for a subtle professional design or a cool and classy look, the new Moto E 2015 is suited to any situation and doesn’t require you to shell out any more cash than you have to. So, if you’re after a good looking phone, you could do way worse than this Motorola handset.

Cheap and Cheerful New Moto E Display

You get what you pay for when it comes down to smartphone displays – so don’t expect to see a monstrous QHD effort with this affordable smartphone. But whilst we might not get QHD, we do get a nice and sharp 540×960 display which sizes up at 4.5-inches in size.

This actually gives the new Motorola phone the sharpest display in its price range, with a full 245ppi (pixels per inch). Whilst this doesn’t necessarily compete with the likes of the Galaxy S6’s display, it definitely impresses those who don’t fancy signing their life away on a much more expensive smartphone contract.

Also, if you happen to be a fairly clumsy individual, then Gorilla Glass 3 will ensure that your new Moto E will have a chance of escaping most reasonable drops or bumps. So, whilst the screen isn’t the biggest, at least you have some peace of mind knowing that it shouldn’t be getting smashed any time soon.

Affordable Motorola Specs

Specs are what keep your phone running throughout the day- without them our phones would be nothing but shiny paperweights. The issue with many affordable phones is that their specs let them down, but this isn’t the case with the new Moto E 2015.

With 4G support on the rise, the Moto E 2015 also jumps on the bandwagon with an improved 4G spec sheet, whilst a less powerful 3G variant is also available. Speed is handled by a Snapdragon 410 chipset and a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, whilst 1GB RAM is also stuffed in the handset as well.

8GB expandable storage should give you more than enough room for all of those selfies and apps you’re bound to download, whilst an Adreno 306 GPU helps when it comes to gaming. Also, an ‘all-day’ battery packing 2390mAh is also found on the back of the handset, giving Motorola fans something else to shout about.

It might not balance up directly with the likes of the iPhone 6 or Galaxy S6, but the new Moto E handset definitely leads the way on the affordable smartphone front.

Affordable Smartphone Camera

Boasting 5 megapixels on its back side and a VGA front effort, both cameras offer more than enough quality to keep your Instagram feed flowing. Also, with autofocus, panorama and HDR all in tow, you can use the Moto E 2015 to create some great shots.

New Moto E 2015 vs Moto E 2014

When compared with its predecessor, the differences between the two are quite noticeable, making the New Moto E a more sound investment in the long term. The most obvious inclusion visually is the addition of a front lens, something which was sorely missed on the original E handset.

Internal changes tend to centre around performance, with the older device using a Snapdragon 200 chipset, 4GB storage and a smaller 1980mAh lens obviously outclassed on the new device. The overall design is very similar however, so if you’re all about looks then you won’t notice too many differences.

New Moto E 2015 – The Best Affordable Smartphone?

It’s hard to argue against Motorola’s latest smartphone, that’s for sure. Offering a solid build, smart specs and even a classy camera, the Moto E 2015 is a great all-round handset. Plus, costing you much less than your average flagship smartphone, it definitely has a case to stand as one of the most affordable phones on the market.