Why the Nokia Lumia 1020 is the best camera smartphone on the market

Boasting a 41 megapixel (MP) camera it’s over twice as strong as its closest competitor on the phone market and shows just how good a smartphone’s camera can really be.

Without a doubt the Lumia 1020 offers pictures which you simply would not be able to take with other smartphones. This is clearly its main selling point which holds it well above the likes of the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S4 in terms of its ability to take astonishingly sharp pictures.

In fact, the camera on the Lumia 1020 is so good, it easily beats out competition from regular digital cameras, which sole purposes are to take photos, which is something that’s genuinely shocking when you consider that this is a mobile phone.

Showing your pictures on its healthily sized 4.5-inch, 768 x 1280 pixel, 332ppi (pixel per inch) touchscreen really shows the camera’s ability, and being able to alter image qualities after the photo has been taken is a real plus.

This is all made possible by the Nokia Pro Cam app built into the handset, offering an amazing zoom function that brings you close to the action without any loss of quality. It also allows you to alter all sorts of features including white balance, shutter speed and focus, making it feel more like a high powered Digital SLR than a smartphone.

The handset features the Nokia Smart Cam app as well, which takes several pictures and offers to edit the photographs automatically. The app picks the best shots for you and shows you images with motion blur added, to help create a seamless sense of movement without blurring the photo beyond recognition.

One feature which is also included in the Nokia Pro Cam app allows you to remove moving objects from your shot, so if an unwanted friend ‘photo bombs’ your picture you can quickly and easily remove them from the photograph.

Add this to some easy to use and simple photo editing software found built into the phone, and you have a smartphone capable to taking excellent pictures with the ability to alter, remove and reshape your photographs to your liking.

The camera is capable of taking HD video at the press of a button, and features an LED and xenon flash, which makes pictures taken in pitch black look like they have been pictured in the middle of a bright summer’s day.

Even the camera’s zooming ability is top notch; with its 3x high resolution zoom, it can easily snap pictures which other phones can’t, all whilst keeping the image sharp and bright. This can also be transferred across to the HD video recording, letting the movie director inside you come out.

Plus, with the multitude of filters available in the phone, you can add any tone you would like to any of your photos to give them an additional flair. So if you want to make a family photo seem a bit brighter, you can do it quickly and easily, without having to download any complicated photo editing software on your computer.

Sharing your photos is also incredibly easy on the Lumia 1020. Simply download your social media or photo sharing apps and you’re already there. You can add, edit and post all of your pictures on the likes of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with complete ease, making the Lumia a true social media friendly device, unlike some of its predecessors.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 blows all of the other smartphone cameras out of the water right now, and can even compete with many digital cameras on the market, often outperforming many of them to boot.

Add all of these features together and you have an astonishing camera, offering great editing features whilst working simply and easily. Plus this is all on the back of fully working and easy to use smartphone which is still able to manage everything you would expect from the latest top of the range handset.