Lumia 925 - Nokia's Most Elegant Design Yet

Nokia’s rebirth as the biggest advocate of the Windows Phone platform has been an intriguing one to behold, particularly since the majority of its recent handsets have been big, chunky, colourfully designed objects that arguably look a bit childish. The new Lumia 925 design seems to challenge this persistent aesthetic with a more elegant approach, but will it win over a new audience?

The other models in the Lumia range could not be accused of being poorly constructed or built with cheap materials, but there was definitely a sense that the multi-hued approach was helping it to gain sales among a younger audience without necessarily catering to business professionals and those who prefer serious-looking gadgets like the iPhone 5 or the HTC One.

To that end the Lumia 925 design uses a metallic chassis rather than one made from polycarbon, which gives it a shimmering, sleek look that does not instantly bring to mind a Lego block, as might be the case with its stablemate, the Lumia 920. It is also significantly thinner than most of the best Nokia smartphones currently on sale, with a thickness of just 8.5 millimetres. It may only be fractionally thinner than the 10.7mm Lumia 920 on paper, but when you get your hands on both devices you really notice the difference. The weight of these closely related handsets is also another distinguishing factor which might make the difference when comparing the Lumia 925 vs 920. The newer model tips the scales at 139 grams, while its thicker and more vibrantly toned sibling is significantly heftier at 185g.

Your response to the aesthetic design of a phone is obviously going to be based entirely on personal taste and if the look and feel of the Lumia 920 are more appealing than the cool, serious style of the 925, then there is no shame in making it your next purchase. Of course if you are going to be pulling out your phone in an important business meeting, then it is more than likely that you will feel far more comfortable when using the 925, because it has been fashioned with this type of environment in mind. Either way you go, both of these look to be best Nokia smartphones yet.

The good thing about Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 range is that it is becoming increasingly diverse, with the Lumia 925 allowing it to appeal to a much wider audience. As well as benefiting from a fashion-conscious design, this handset is one of the best camera smartphones currently available thanks to its 8.7 megapixel PureView sensor. Nokia has not had to sacrifice any of the power or features of the Lumia 920 in order to make this slinkier counterpart and that is great news for mobile fans who were looking for a compelling reason to start using a Lumia device.