Top 5 features of the Nokia Lumia 930 we love

Nokia has really bounced back onto the technology scene, offering as vibrant range of colourful smartphones sporting the popular Windows Phone operating system.

With Nokia’s latest smartphone, the Lumia 930, hitting the shelves any day now, things are only set to get better for the Finnish company. So what makes the Nokia Lumia 930 stand out from all of its Windows Phone counterparts? Take a look at our top 5 features that we love about the Lumia 930.

20MP PureView Camera

The first feature of the Lumia 930 on our list is its incredible camera. After all, how often does a 20 megapixel camera phone come along? Not only does the Lumia 930 sport a 20 megapixel rear facing camera lens, but it is also packed with Nokia’s PureView technology, allowing you to take amazing crystal clear photos every time.

When it comes to recording, the Lumia 930 doesn’t disappoint either. With four directional microphones built into the device, you can not only pick up great audio on video chats and phone calls, but you can also capture the most true-to-life videos ever seen on a Nokia smartphone.

The Nokia Lumia 930 also offers a range of in-built camera apps to complement its huge camera. For starters, there’s the Nokia Camera app, which allows users to take control over their photos by altering the ISO, shutter speed and exposure.

Once you’ve snapped your perfect shots, the Nokia Lumia 930 then lets you view them in your personal timeline using the Nokia Storyteller app.

Browse your very own ‘stories’ whilst sorting them by occasion, date or even location, zooming out to see your photos on a map of where you have been.

If none of the bespoke Nokia camera apps take your fancy, the Lumia 930 also gives you access to all of the best camera editing apps including Instagram via the Windows Phone app store.

Latest Windows Phone Experience

With every other smartphone manufacturer opting for the Android operating system, it’s nice to get your hands on a device which stands out from the crowd. And that’s what makes the Nokia Lumia 930 so good; not only does it offer Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, but it has also been updated to provide users with even more exciting features. For example, you’ve still got your home screen made up of live tiles, which allows you to pin your favourite apps, features and photo albums to your home screen to suit your personal usage.

However, the Lumia 930 also allows you to customise your smartphone even further by changing the background images on your home screen. On top of that, Windows Phone 8.1 comes with its own personal assistant in tow, called Cortana.

Lumia 930: a splash of colour in your life

If there’s one thing that Nokia does well, then it’s design. Nokia’s range of Windows Phone devices all offer a colourful alternative to your ordinary smartphone, and the Lumia 930 is no different. Available in either a subdued black or white, or a vibrant orange or green, the Nokia Lumia 930 adds a touch of colour to your life.

The Lumia 930’s style doesn’t end there; with a newly modelled slim-line design, the Lumia smartphone looks, above all, really high quality. Measuring only 9.7mm thick, the device is almost a centimetre slimmer than the Nokia Lumia 920. On top of that, the phone is laced with an aluminium trim, making it feel more like an iPhone than your traditional Nokia smartphone.

App Happy

As well as Nokia’s Windows Phone operating system, the Lumia 930 also boasts a whole range of exciting new apps which make it stand out from its Android and iOS counterparts.

If it’s gaming that you love, then the Lumia 930 offers the Xbox Live Hub. This feature allows you to jump into a game with friends, or even continue with a game started on your Xbox console at home.

Alternatively, if you’re a fitness fanatic, then why not check out Nokia’s new Adidas miCoach app, which turns your smartphone into a personal training companion. If you’re training for a marathon, or just want to keep fit, then the miCoach app works with top Adidas athletes to build your strength, speed and overall fitness.

Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about its business users with the Nokia Lumia 930 either; with the Papyrus app, users can make notes using their own handwriting rather than bother with the phone’s keyboard. And with the 5-inch display of the Nokia Lumia 930, you can make the most detailed of notes without the need to dig out your notebook!

Wireless Charging

Another one of the Nokia Lumia 930 features that we love is its wireless charging capabilities. Although many smartphones have jumped on the wireless charging bandwagon of late, Nokia is the only manufacturer to offer its own range of brightly coloured charging accessories.

For example, you can join the colour block trend with Nokia’s charging plates and mats which all work instantly with the Lumia 930’s in-built wireless charging technology. So why not do away with wires completely and embrace the future of charging with the Nokia Lumia 930?

Nokia Lumia 930 review: the verdict

If you hadn’t guessed already, we love the Nokia Lumia 930. With its colourful design, customisable home screens and incredible 20MP PureView camera.