Nokia Lumia 930 vs Apple iPhone 5s

We never thought the day would come that we would even suggest a Windows Phone could be as good as an Apple iPhone.

It seems, however, that Nokia has gone all out with its latest flagship, the Lumia 930.

We ask what exactly makes it such a good mobile release? And could the 930 be the device to catapult Nokia back up to the top spot?

**Premium aluminium body **

The first thing that strikes you about the Nokia Lumia 930 is its premium design. In the past Nokia handsets have all donned the same brightly coloured soft-touch plastic shells. And while the 930 still offers a touch of colour, it boasts a beautiful aluminium trim, similar to last years Lumia 925 release.

Compare that to the all aluminium body of the iPhone 5s, however, and Nokia loses a few points on the luxurious-design front. While the 930 is the best looking Nokia device we’ve seen in years, it’s difficult to beat Apple’s iPhone 5s with its crystal clear Gorilla Glass and protective oleophobic coating.

Specs and features

If there’s one area that Apple always delivers on, it’s features. The iPhone 5s was the first ever smartphone to offer a fingerprint scanner, coined Touch ID.

Now, however handy you consider a fingerprint scanner on your smartphone to be, there’s no denying that it’s cool.

Unfortunately the Lumia 930 can’t offer quite the same feature, but for what it lacks, the device makes up under the hood. Whilst the iPhone 5s only sports a dual-core processor, the Lumia smartphone boasts a quad-core 2.2GHz processor, making it far more powerful on paper. That said, there’s no hiding from the fact that the iPhone 5s sports Apple’s latest A7 chipset, which ups its performance comparing the speed and power of both smartphones.

Another key difference between the Lumia 930 vs iPhone 5s is size. Whilst the Nokia Lumia smartphone offers a larger than life 5-inch display, Apple is sticking to its guns with the iPhone 5s’ 4 inch screen. Although there are rumours that an iPhone phablet could be on its way, it would seem that for now, users after a larger handset would steer towards Nokia’s new flagship.

Windows Phone vs iOS

When Windows Phone first graced the smartphone scene, no-one thought it would last. Despite the Android vs iOS battle still raging on, it would seem that Windows Phone has managed to muscle itself into the mix, becoming the third most popular operating system on the market.

Windows Phone compared to Apple’s iOS couldn’t look more different. Windows Phone 8.1 is known for its colourful design made up of dynamic live tiles, which makes your homepage stand out from any other device. The iPhone 5s’ iOS 7, on the other hand, offers a much more traditional take on a mobile operating system, with a range of fresh looking icons and control panel.

iOS 7 Vs Windows Phone 8.1

The big divide between the iPhone 5s and Nokia Lumia 930 when it comes to their respective operating systems, then, has got to be apps. The Apple App store boasts the largest number of apps available online, followed closely behind by Android.

That’s said, Microsoft has managed to shorten the gap, offering over 200,000 apps. So while the iPhone 5s might well allow you to follow the latest Flabby Bird or Candy Crush Saga trend, the Lumia 930 still lets you download all the old favourites including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Camera: 20MP vs iSight

The Nokia Lumia 920 boasts a whopping 20 megapixel rear facing camera, which, let’s face it, is going to be hard to beat. Nokia is known for its impressive smartphone cameras, being the first manufacturer to provide a 41MP lens on a smartphone. The Lumia 930 also dons a respectable 2MP front facing lens, which is ideal for all selfie snappers.

The iPhone 5s, however, is playing a totally different game on the camera front. Whereas Nokia has piled on the megapixels in its latest flagship, Apple has played it safe with an 8 megapixel iSight camera.

However, with the new True Tone flash and burst mode on board, the iPhone 5s offers a much better photography experience with sharper images and better effects compared to the iPhone 5. As a result, this makes the battle between the two camera phones much closer in practice than it looks on paper.

What’s better, the iPhone 5s or the Nokia Lumia 930?

So when all things are considered, which flagship smartphone offers the best design, features and user experience?

The iPhone in its many algorisms is, and always will be, the best smartphone on the market. But with the big guns like Nokia producing handsets like the Lumia 930, there’s no denying that Apple is under pressure now more than ever to keep on top of its game.

While the iPhone 5s’ camera, screen size and design largely remains unchanged compared to the iPhone 5, the Lumia 930 demonstrates a totally new offering from Nokia. And with more and more users getting disillusioned with Apple’s evolution rather than revolution strategy, the American super giant might find itself losing ground to Nokia’s new colourful alternative.

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