Essential Phone Cleaning Tips

Back of a phone covered with water droplets

We carry our smartphones everywhere throughout the day; around our house, to work, to the gym and outdoors. They quickly build up bacteria and dirt that we can’t see from first glance, meaning a regular cleaning routine is crucial to keeping your phone in top condition.

With our expert guide to phone cleaning, you can enjoy a germ-free, pristine handset.

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1: Make the screen and exterior sparkle

Alcohol wipes are a great phone cleaning tool to sanitise the exterior of your handset. The alcohol breaks down bacteria and leaves surfaces germ-free; don’t use an alcohol wipe on your screen, as it can damage the oleophobic coating that is designed to prevent smudging. Instead, a disinfectant wipe will do the trick.

Mild soap can also be used but be sure to do this with a microfibre cloth to avoid scratching the screen, and make sure to dip the cloth into the product rather than spraying any cleaning solution directly on the display.

When cleaning your phone with any product, avoid openings such as the charging port to prevent liquid getting in and damaging them. Once it’s been wiped clean, leave it to air dry.

Consider adding a screen protector if you don’t already have one, to give your phone an additional layer of protection.

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2: Safely clean charging ports

Charging ports often collect dust and debris, which can lead to difficulty charging your phone. Cleaning them correctly is an important step in your regular phone maintenance.

As we previously mentioned, avoid using any liquids, metal or sharp objects when cleaning out the charging port, which can cause damage to the internal hardware. Instead, use a soft, dry object such as a cotton bud, paper towel or toothpick to remove any built-up debris, using gentle sweeping motions.

3: Clear up the camera

The camera is a delicate part of the phone, so it also demands special care and cleaning. A dirty camera can affect the image quality of your photos, making it a good habit to clean it regularly.

For this, you can use a soft camera brush to sweep dust away from the lens and avoid scratches. If your camera is particularly dirty, it is safe to use a lens wipe, followed by a microfibre cloth, for removing any remaining smudges.

S23 front and rear camera array

4: Don’t pass over the protective case

Phone cases are the easiest step in the cleaning process, as you don’t have to worry about damage. Most phone cases can be cleaned with either a wipe or soapy water and left to air dry. Use a small brush such as a toothbrush to get into the corners and remove any built-up dirt.

Make sure not to put the phone case back on the phone until it is totally dry, as to not let any water seep into the openings of the handset.

5: Ensure the software is updated

With your handset now gleaming, don’t forget to give your hard drive a refresh. Start by updating your phone to the latest software in settings so that your apps and features run smoothly.

It may also be beneficial to clear your cached data and deny location tracking, as this can heavily drain your phone battery.

These cleaning tips will leave your phone gleaming from the outside and functioning at its maximum potential. With that task complete, you can shift your focus to a phone interior deep clean, with our guide to factory resetting your smartphone.