How Remote Play on the Xperia Z3+ can change your PS4 gaming experience

How Remote Play on the Xperia Z3+ can change your PS4 gaming experience

Gaming is becoming a bigger and bigger part of our mobile experience, so it comes as no surprise to see the latest flagship smartphones devote plenty of time to gaming features.

Sony has taken things a step further with the Xperia Z3, introducing Remote Play with the hugely popular PlayStation 4. But how can you use it?

What is Remote Play on the Xperia Z3+?

Remote Play is a brand new feature on the Xperia Z3+, which lets users link their devices with their PS4 games console. It works similarly to the internet based technology shown on the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s handheld games console.

Remote Play allows games to be streamed directly from the user’s games console, straight to their device of choice. It’s ideal if you want to use the TV for other things, or if you’re planning on moving around the house whilst you play.

How to get Remote Play working

The first thing you’ll need to double check is that you have the right equipment to get the gaming started.

You’ll require a PlayStation 4, a PlayStation DUALSHOCK controller, a Sony Xperia Z3+ handset, and a controller to smartphone clamp.

Next, all you have to do is download the PS4 Link App onto your games console. This app essentially connects your two devices together over Wi-Fi to stream your video onto the smartphone. To connect your controller to the app, you just have to switch on your Bluetooth, plug your phone into the controller using the clamp, and Bob’s your uncle! Jut insert your game into your console and off you go- just make sure to stay inside your house’s Wi-Fi range, because if you stray too far you’ll lose the connection!

Xperia Z3+: the perfect gaming smartphone

The thing that makes Remote Play so exciting for PS4 fans has got to be the quality of the graphics that the Xperia Z3+ can provide. With Sony’s expertise in the television and gaming scene, there’s no doubt that the smartphone will be able to rival the display quality of even the most impressive TV’s out there.You can rest assured that the beautiful 5.2-inch Triluminos HD display will provide stunning detail for all of your favourite games.

Also, with 3GB RAM and an octa-core Snapdragon 801 processor under the hood, the device will be able to keep up with the most demanding of games at the same time as handling your calls, messages and apps behind the scenes. The inclusion of a 2930 mAh battery also guarantees a lot of energy, meaning you won’t be rushing to find a power socket mid-way through a gaming session.

Sony Remote Play Devices

It’s not just the Xperia Z3+ which reaps the benefits of Remote Play on the PlayStation 4.

The service is also compatible with the Z3, Z3 tablet and the Z3 Compact, whilst all of Sony’s upcoming high-end devices are also expected to feature the technology.

This means that the upcoming Z4 smartphone will also be completely compatible with your games console. With the added power behind the Z4, we can expect even better performance than on the Z3+ as well, which is great news.

Remote Play on the Z3: the verdict

So there you have it- a run down of Remote Play on the Xperia Z3. If you’re a big fan of your gaming and often find you and your significant other battling for control of the TV, Remote Play could be the solution to your problems.

You don’t sacrifice any quality or lose any functionality when using your smartphone for gaming- the only thing is that you can’t use your phone during a game. Though, for the serial gamers of you, that won’t be a problem!