**For any mobile phone enthusiast, September is an exciting month. **Not only have you got the annual iPhone launch on top of the huge consumer electronics show IFA, but you’ve also got one of Samsung’s biggest release: the Galaxy Note 4.

With the Samsung Galaxy S5 as competition, how will Samsung’s new Note compare? Watch as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Galaxy S5 battle ensues…

Design: metal or plastic?

Both Samsung handsets have always shared similar traits when it comes to design, with the Note series featuring a slightly larger and squarer front than its S range compatriot. However, Samsung has often experimented with new designs on the Galaxy Note, offering a stitched effect on the rear side of the Note 3 last year.

This year’s Galaxy S5 sports a somewhat jazzy studded jacket but the Note has stuck to its guns with the stitched faux leather look, available in a number of colours including white, black, bronze and pink. It does however feature a metal trim around the entire edge of the handset, as well as boasting a beautifully sized 5.7″ display compared to the S5 with its 5.1″ screen.

Speaking of screens, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 comes with an impressive QHD 512 pixel per inch (PPI) display which is razor sharp, making viewing videos a pleasure.

Winner: draw! Depending on your personal taste, both handsets have their pro’s. If you prefer a larger screen then the Note 4 delivers astonishing detail whilst the S5 is slim, lightweight and looks great.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has it all; top quality design, impressive features and it’s not shy in the specs department either. With a massive quad-core 2.5GHz processor, an 801 chipset and 2GB of RAM, the model is one of the most powerful flagships on the market right now.

However, it looks like Samsung has gone one better with its Note 4 phablet, offering a set of awe inspiring specs including a colossal quad-core 2.7GHz processor and Snapdragon 805 chip. Also, 3GB RAM fits in under the hood alongside 32GB expandable storage to make for a super powered handset.

Both smartphones offer the latest Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS, giving users access to Google’s fantastic range of apps included in the Google Play Store. With Android KitKat comes a whole host of new features too, such as an enhanced range of emojis perfect for messaging, a clever make-over of the way your contacts are stored and improved multi-tasking capabilities.

Winner: Note 4! While the S5 stands out amazingly well against other flagship smartphones, the larger and more powerful processor on the Note 4 wins out for the Samsung phablet.

S5 vs Note 4 Camera

If there’s one thing that Samsung always manages to impress us with, it’s its flagship phone cameras. With every new release Samsung packs in the megapixels (MP), with the Samsung Galaxy S5 now boasting a 16MP lens compared to its 13MP predecessor. Likewise, the Note 4 has followed suit, building on the Note 3’s 13MP lens to a similar 16MP effort.

The front side isn’t left struggling either, upping from the 2MP lens on the Note 3, to a 3.7MP version, making selfies look better than ever. Also, with the addition of some selfie loving apps, the front camera could be seeing a lot more love this time around!

Winner: Note 4! With an identical rear camera to the S5, the Note’s improved front facing lens helps it claim this victory, making for better quality video calls and selfies.

Packed with Samsung Features

Everyone knows that a huge part of any Samsung phone is its extensive range of features. The Galaxy S5 is no exception to this, offering a load more apps and features including S Health, S Translate and even a heart rate sensor.

We know that the Note 4 shares the S5’s fingerprint sensor and heart rate monitor, but what else do we get from it?

First of all, the Note 4 features handwriting recognition like you’ve never seen before, making better use of the in-built S Pen. Click and Drag mode makes for easier all round use when handling data, and Smart Select acts as an information grabber for the S-Pen which is similar to the snipping tool feature on Windows PCs.

Fast charge is another feature that is turning heads on the Note 4, promising to get your battery from 0-50% in 30 minutes, something we love the sound of. Plus with Ultra-power saving mode also included, we could finally see a smartphone battery live up to our overzealous expectations.


It doesn’t seem fair to compare these two Samsung heavyweights, especially considering the Note’s substantial head start over the S5. But with all of the power behind the hood, and with all of its new features, the Note 4 seems like a great option if you fancy an upgrade from the Galaxy S5.