Phablet Battle: Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 3

Samsung’s magnificent Galaxy Note 4, gives all of us phablet lovers out there something to cheer about. But how does Samsung’s latest largescreened device improve upon its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 3?

We’re going to take a look at both phablets, sum up their specs, design and features to discover just how much of an advancement the Note 4 is. So if you’re planning on picking up a phablet this year, make sure you pay attention!

Note 3 vs Note 4 specs

On a flagship phone such as the Samsung Galaxy Note, specs are vitally important.

When there are so many smartphones inundating the market, it’s specs that makes the difference between a good phone and a great one.

The Note 3 stood out as one of the most powerful smartphones ever made when it was released in 2013, packing a full HD 5.7” Super AMOLED display, 3GB RAM and up to 64GB internal storage. Also, with a quad-core and octa-core version hitting different markets, the processor found in the Note 3 was second to none.

But that was until the Note 4 strolled into the mix.With a 5.7” QHD Super AMOLED display it looks as though Samsung might have done the impossible, completely topping the full HD display from the Note 3. 32GB of internal storage is also included on the new Note handset, whilst the same 3GB RAM handles much of the heavy lifting for the phablet.

Same design

With the world calling out for a full metal design, critics believed that the Note 4 might be the handset to answer their prayers. At the same time, Samsung fans were convinced that the Note 4 would take on the Galaxy S5’s metallic studded design to make it stand out from the crowd. But no such luck. Instead, the Note 4 has reared its head looking remarkably similar to its predecessor.

While the Note 3 vs Note 4 hardly look dissimilar when put side by side, the aluminium trim which adorns the new flagship is certainly a step in the right direction for Samsung.

Galaxy Note features

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 only showing improvements in the spec department, Samsung must have some incredible features up its sleeve to raise it above the dizzying heights of the Note 3.

A better camera

The Note 3 sports a 13 megapixel lens on its back side, accompanied by a 2 megapixel front facing lens. The in-built digital image stabilisation software enhances the Note 3 camera, making the handset one of the better phablet snappers on the market.

The Note 4, however, has completely upgraded the camera module from its older sibling, boasting a 16 megapixel rear lens and a 3.7 megapixel selfie snapper. Optical image stabilisation is also included, along with some brand new selfie modes, which make taking a memorable snap incredibly simple.

More S-Pen features

The S-Pen on the Note 3 saw some massive improvements from that on the Note 2, with some great new features being implemented such as Air Command and Action Memo.

However, this year’s S-Pen has grown by almighty proportions, becoming Samsung’s star feature of 2014. The enhanced S-Pen features allow you to click and drag like a computer mouse, as well as using Smart Select to copy and paste faster than ever. Also, because of the new partnership with the fountain pen maker Montblanc, the S-Pen is soon to become the fashion accessory to be seen with.

Longer battery life

Increasing battery life is a key issue every smartphone manufacturer is trying to tackle, and with the Note 3, we saw a very user-friendly battery life, especially considering the power-hungry features it had to run.

But it looks like the Note 4 has done it again, introducing an Ultra-Power Saving Mode that we’ve seen on the S5 and S5 Mini to extend the battery life of the latest phablet. Also, with fast-charging capabilities, you can get your battery from 0%-50% in approximately 30 minutes, making it the fastest charging smartphone on the market!

Even more from the Note 4

And it doesn’t stop there. Also included on the Note 4 is a fingerprint scanner, which can be used to help increase security and convenience, and a heart rate sensor which integrates well with S-Health, helping you stay on top of your personal fitness. It’s these kinds of additional features which keep the Note 4 on the top of its game, particularly with the rise of tough competition from HTC and LG.

Galaxy Note 4 vs Note 3 verdict

In reality it’s not entirely fair to compare the Note 3 and the Note 4 seeing as the latter has a whole year’s worth of advancement built into it. Although the specs and design is similar, the range of in-built features proves a noticeable step up for Samsung.

The camera has seen numerous improvements, whilst the S-Pen now feels like a necessity compared to a sometimes useful accessory. All in all, the Note 4 stands a top of the flagship pile for now, and the Note 3 will probably be happy with second place.