Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Galaxy S10+ vs Galaxy S10e

2019 marks a decade of Samsung Galaxy S handsets, and the S10 series has finally arrived with a bang. There are not two, but three, devices to choose from: the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Samsung Galaxy S10+ and the most budget-friendly option, the Samsung Galaxy S10e.

If you're considering the latest Samsung flagship, but you're not quite sure which device out of the trio to buy, you're in the right place. Below we've compared all the specs, side by side, so you can figure out which S10 handset is perfect for you.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range - Design and Display

One thing all three Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets have in common is a streamlined, sleek design. There's no obtrusive home button in sight, and each device boasts curved edges, a thin aluminium frame and sturdy Gorilla Glass on both the front and back.

The Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10e all sport an Infinity-O Display - a new feature from Samsung. Instead of a notch sitting at the top of the screen, there's now a barely detectable dot-shaped hole in its place. This houses the front-facing camera, as well as Samsung's Facial Recognition 2.0 technology. It might seem like a small adjustment, but it makes a huge difference to the overall viewing experience on the S10 range.

As for dimensions, the Galaxy S10's display measures 6.1 inches, while the Galaxy S10+ has a larger 6.4-inch screen. Both have the same WQHD+ technology on board, with a 1440 x 3040 resolution. The more affordable S10e, meanwhile, has a compact 5.6-inch Full HD+ display with a 1080 x 2280 resolution. All three S10 smartphones have an IP68 water and dust resistance rating.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range - Cameras

Samsung has pulled out all the stops when it comes to the cameras on the Galaxy S10 range. There's a whopping triple-lens rear camera on both the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, with two 12MP lenses and an additional 16MP ultra-wide lens to help you achieve more from every shot. As you'd expect, incredibly detailed and defined photos can be captured morning or night - whatever your environment, the S10 and S10+'s camera can adjust to suit.

The dual-lens True Vision camera on the Galaxy S10e is also a fantastic piece of tech in its own right, featuring 16MP+12MP set-up.


The Galaxy S10 and S10e share the same 10MP + 2DP front-facing cameras with dual aperture. On the premium Galaxy S10+ however, you'll find a dual-lens 10MP + 2DP and 8MP front-facing camera for impressive selfies and group shots.

All three devices can shoot video in super slow-mo, and offer cutting-edge Dolby Atmos 3D Sound and AKG Tuned stereo speakers. You'll find a 3.5mm headphone jack on all three phones, giving you the option of your choice of headphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range - Battery Power

Cutting-edge smartphones need long-lasting batteries, and that's exactly what you'll get with the S10 range. The budget-friendly Galaxy S10e has a 3,100 mAh battery, while the Galaxy S10 boasts a 3,400 mAh battery and the Galaxy S10+ features a massive 4,100 mAh battery.

Each device will keep you powered up throughout the day, and all three handsets can be charged wirelessly. Additionally, the Fast Charge feature means you can power up your device from 0% in a matter of minutes.


Another new feature is Samsung PowerShare, which allows S10 owners to transfer battery power between devices. Have a friend who needs to charge their wireless-compatible handset but isn't near a power source? PowerShare will enable you to transfer power from your phone to theirs. It works for other smart devices too, like the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy buds.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Range - Features

Behind the scenes of all three Samsung S10 smartphones you'll find an octa-core processor, which works in harmony with an advanced Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset to ensure an efficient, lightning fast performance.

The handsets come with a choice of 128GB or 512GB, but all features a microSD slot that lets you boost the onboard storage by a whopping 512GB.


The Samsung Galaxy S10 series is powered by Android, but you'll find Samsung's own customised operating system - Samsung One UI - installed that offers a unique, user-friendly interface. Icons pop with colour, screens are uncluttered for fuss-free navigation and innovative features mean it's super easy to use the larger devices with just one hand.

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