Samsung Galaxy S24 Review

Samsung Galaxy S24

The defining legacy of the Samsung Galaxy S24 will be shaped by artificial intelligence. This technology sits at the heart of the S24, not as a gimmick, but instead as a core part of its appeal. In this review, we’ll be assessing how well Samsung integrated AI into its flagship smartphone, as well as the phone’s display, performance, and more.

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Release date

The Samsung Galaxy S24 was released on 31st January 2024.


• Dimensions: 70.6 x 147 x 7.6mm
• Weight: 167g
• Display: 6.2” AMOLED; 2600 nit peak brightness
• Resolution: 2340x1080
• Refresh rate: Dynamic 1-120Hz
• CPU: Exynos 2400
• RAM: 8GB
• Storage: 128GB / 256GB
• OS: Android 14
• Rear cameras: 50MP wide; 12MP ultra-wide; 10MP telephoto
• Front camera: 12MP
• Battery: 4000 mAh
• Charging: 25W Super-Fast Charging; Fast wireless charging; Wireless Powershare
• Material: Armoured Aluminium frame; Gorilla Glass Victus 2
• Water and dust resistance: IP68
• Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6e; Bluetooth 5.3; 5G


If you’ve grown accustomed to phones with rounded edges and curved screens, the Galaxy S24 might catch you off-guard initially. Its edges are straight, defined, and create a strong rectangular style that feels more imposing than previous handsets; less Star Trek and more Blade Runner. Everything is very precise across the S24’s design and echoes the artificial intelligence theme that shapes a large part of its identity.

Galaxy S24 Design

In terms of materials, the base Galaxy S24 follows the same trend as its predecessor, with an Armour Aluminium 2.0 shell and Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to shield it from damage. The flat design of the S24 lends it a natural sturdiness, too.

The rest of the Galaxy S24’s form factor is very much driven by its role as the base, entry-level handset to the S24 range. It is easily the smallest of the three, and also the lightest at 167g, so is ideal for younger members of the family or for anyone wanting a more pocket-friendly phone to carry around.


At 6.2”, the display on the Galaxy S24 is the smallest of the S24 collection. As such, it’s not going to offer the same blockbuster viewing experience as the S24 Plus or Ultra, but the technology behind the S24’s screen still shapes it into one of the best entry-level phones you can buy.

Galaxy S24 Display

The panel is a crisp and beautiful 2340x1080 AMOLED, and it really shines when diving into games or watching a video at HD resolution. Aside from the smaller screen, many of the Galaxy S24’s display features are on par with the Plus and Ultra, such as the dynamic 1-120Hz refresh rate and 2600 nit peak brightness. This use of the same technology means you’re effectively getting a smooth, illuminated display that stands up to the Plus and Ultra, while paying entry-level prices.


Samsung returned to their own chipset on the Galaxy S24 with the Exynos 2400, the successor to the Exynos 2200 found on the S22. Both the base S24 and S24 Plus in the UK share this proprietary chip, and it offers improved performance that brings tangible benefits like higher frame rates when gaming.

The Galaxy S24 is one of the best ways to get into mobile gaming, and we see this in how the Exynos 2400 processor enables features like real-time shadows and reflections that would have slowed down previous phones. For elite gaming performance the S24 Ultra is the handset of choice, but for those wanting to kick back for a few sessions without all the bells and whistles, the base S24 is an outstanding gaming handheld.

Gaming with real-time shadows and reflections

The Exynos 2400 also improves processing speeds outside of gaming, whether you’re swapping between shopping apps to compare deals or taking a photo. This isn’t just due to the efficiency of the processor; 8GB RAM supports the Exynos 2400 to create a balanced workload, helping to keep stutter down to a minimum. Everything on the Galaxy S24 has been given an injection of smoothness, and it leads to a superior smartphone experience overall.

Software & features

We of course can’t review the Galaxy S24 without talking about its AI features; the jewel in the S24’s crown. The brain behind all of this is Galaxy AI, and it encompasses a range of AI-powered tools that elevate the Galaxy smartphone experience.

Circle to Search Feature

Many areas of the Galaxy S24, from productivity to photography, have been boosted by AI to make them easier to do. Circle to Search is a great example of this, enabling you to search for more information on a subject by simply drawing a circle around it on the screen; no need to open a separate browser window. When visiting another country or talking to someone speaking a different language, you can use Live Translate to communicate effectively; again, Galaxy AI handles this for you. If you enjoy editing photos there’s also Photo Assist, which leverages AI to intelligently recommend ways to improve your images.

Live Translate feature

These features would mean little if Galaxy AI didn’t work or was not integrated seamlessly, but the good news is that they are. The Galaxy S24’s AI tools function as a natural part of the system, rather than feeling like an addition that is half-baked. They also pair well with Android 14’s own AI-powered features such as AI-generated wallpapers, creating a truly intelligent Galaxy smartphone unlike anything seen before in the series.


We previously highlighted the positive impact that Photo Assist has on the Galaxy S24’s photography power, yet our praise for this phone’s capabilities doesn’t stop at AI. The array on the S24 equally impressed us with its trinity of top-tier cameras, and considering this phone is the entry-level handset to the range, you’re getting an astonishing amount of bang for your buck.

AI 100X Space Zoom

For capturing those medium-range shots there’s a stunning 50MP camera on the back, as well as a 12MP ultra-wide lens for larger panoramic photos. Night-time shots in particular look clear and bright with these cameras, thanks to the improved Nightography mode courtesy of AI. The 10MP telephoto camera on the Galaxy S24 also produced detail-rich images, bringing distant subjects closer to showcase their features more clearly. The 12MP front selfie lens didn’t pull its punches either; photos were crystal-clear, and with Photo Assist it was possible to remove any distractions like passers-by or reflections.

Galaxy S24 Rear Camera

This is some seriously impressive hardware, so if you’re wanting to dabble in some mobile photography without going for a premium handset, the Galaxy S24 is one to take note of.


Battery life on Galaxy series handsets took a bit of a dip following the S21, but the Galaxy S24 saw a return to those days with a 4000mAh battery. Given the powerful AI features at its disposal, it’s great to see plenty of battery power made available to keep the Galaxy S24 running for longer.

Galaxy S24 Accessories

Downtime on the S24 is also impressively low, thanks to 25W Super-Fast Charging when using a recharge cable. You can also use a charge pad to utilise the S24’s fast wireless charging feature, or give your S24 some juice by using another Qi-enabled device with Wireless Powershare.


In conclusion, does the Samsung Galaxy S24 achieve its aim of enhancing the Galaxy series with AI? Yes, it absolutely does. Careful curation and construction of Galaxy AI’s features mean that the experience never feels disrupted by AI, rather it benefits greatly to create one of the most intelligent phones on the market, and at a budget-friendly price, too. There are few better ways to enjoy artificial intelligence on a smartphone.

If you want to pick up the Samsung Galaxy S24 for yourself or a friend, you’ll also need to deal with any data on your old phone. Our guide has everything you need to move it all across and start enjoying your new handset as soon as possible.