Samsung Galaxy S4 display is Samsung's best yet!

**For most smartphone owners, screen size and resolution are key factors in choosing your next device. **The Samsung Galaxy S4 may not be the most recent addition to the Galaxy family, but it still boasts some great specs and a full 2080p HD display.

Galaxy S4 Screen Resolution

The upgrade from S3 to Galaxy S4 saw an improvement in the number of pixels on display. The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen offers High Definition in 720p; that’s 720 rows of pixels. Nobody could fault the Galaxy S3 display, yet as tech evolves each year, it’s only natural that users would crave the latest tech advancements on their smartphone, which means the Galaxy S4 rocks an incredible full HD 1080p resolution.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Size

As you would expect, a 1080p display requires more rows of pixels than a 720p display. For now this means a bigger viewing area is required. The smallest Full HD screen we can currently find available is a towering 5 inches. If you fear this means an even bigger handset, you shouldn’t panic just yet.

The Galaxy S3 stands tall at a healthy 4.8 inches, so a full HD Galaxy S4 screen may only require an extra 0.2 inches to be deemed 1080 perfection. If a thinner bezel surrounds the Galaxy S4, the end result could be a bigger screen on a device that’s the same size as the Galaxy S3.

A Flexible S4 Display?

Why should Samsung stop at a full HD Galaxy S4 display though? At CES 2013, Samsung unveiled a flexible display named Youm. This supple OLED display offers a bendable and practically unbreakable screen which if integrated into the Galaxy S4 display, would crown Samsung the kings of innovation.

You may be asking why the Galaxy S4 needs a flexible display? Samsung have demonstrated how this tech could wrap around the handset to create additional space for notification bars or text streams.

You could essentially read your Samsung Galaxy S4 screen without picking it up from the desk.

Alternatively, the Galaxy S4 display could flip open like a book to reveal an even larger 1080p display; perfect for those who fancy a smartphone / tablet hybrid.We’re unsure whether flexible displays will make an appearance within the Samsung Galaxy S category. It’s more likely Samsung will market this technology as an entirely new range much like projectors are exclusive to the Galaxy Beam, and S-Pens are exclusive to the Galaxy Note. Should the next Galaxy have this exciting tech, it’s sure to have an impact upon the price.

Galaxy S4 Screen Prediction

Should the next Samsung Galaxy display arrive without flexible OLED technology, we’re confident the screen resolution and size will still surpass the outstanding detail and clarity of the Galaxy S3.

We predict the Galaxy S4 screen to boast a 4.99 inch smartphone display and 1080p Full High Definition. Whether you love intense gaming, watching HD films or just browsing the web in detail, the rumoured screen upgrade will make using your Galaxy S4 the best smartphone experience yet.