These top features make the Samsung Galaxy S5 a great camera phone for 2014

We’ve seen all sorts of cameras stuck on the back of our phones since the first ever camera phone hit the shelves, with more and more manufacturers now focusing on their cameras, but what is Samsung bringing us with the S5?

Will it be the best Android camera phone of 2014, or is the snapper just an afterthought for the new flagship handset?

We’re giving you a full rundown of what is to be expected from the Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera, explaining exactly why it will be one of the best camera phones of 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Features

If we’re dealing strictly with numbers, then you can prepare to be suitably impressed by the S5’s snapper. With an alleged 16MP rear-facing camera, the S5 is set to completely dwarf most other flagship smartphones, including the Galaxy S4, which bear 13MP lenses.

That said, the S5’s 16MP camera could easily be overshadowed by the likes of the Nokia Lumia 1020 and Sony Xperia Z1, if it were all about the numbers, that is.

Whilst it is true that megapixels do count for how good a camera happens to be, it isn’t all about megapixels. We’ve seen a number of phones look good on paper when it comes down to the camera, but when they need to walk the walk they tend to stumble.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Anti-Shake Stabilisation

Also known to some as Optical Image Stabilisation, this feature essentially helps reduce blur and loss of quality if your hand is shaking when you take a picture.

This may not sound like much of a feature, but you will soon realise just how important it is when you try taking a picture on a camera without it.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumoured to pack this kit with a shake correction up to 1.5 degrees, which is 0.8 degrees better than any other camera phone on the market right now.

So, even if your camera happens to have 20 megapixels, compared to the Samsung’s 16, you would still get a better photo with the S5 in shakier conditions.

S5 Low-Light Sensor

Ever tried taking a picture on your smartphone in the dark? If so you will know just how hard it is to get a decent snap when the lighting isn’t great, and the Samsung Galaxy S5 will solve this problem.

Samsung’s improved sensor offers pictures eight times brighter than other camera sensors found on competing smartphones.

Galaxy S5 ISOCELL Technology

To top off the Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera, we’ve seen the Korean company mention its latest ISOCELL technology, making pictures sharper without you having to make alterations to any settings.

This technology works by isolating individual pixels through the sensor, minimising electrical ‘cross-talk’ between them. This leads to higher colour fidelity, making pictures sharper and richer to the human eye.

Whilst this may sound complicated, it is actually pretty simple; the tech basically brushes up each pixel in your photograph to make objects in your pictures stand out more.

One final thing worth noting about this fancy sensor we’re seeing in the upcoming Galaxy S5 is that it works at a 16:9 ratio. This means pictures will be in a widescreen style and that the lens will be small enough to fit into slimmer Samsung models, like an S5 Mini perhaps?

Verdict: why the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the camera of 2014

So whilst it may not look like an absolute knockout on paper, you can rest assured knowing that if you invest in the Samsung Galaxy S5, you will have a camera capable of punching well above its 16 megapixel weight.

And with the range of additional built-in camera features, the S5 is sure to be one of the best camera phones of 2014.