Samsung Galaxy S5 vs S4 - Are new specs and features worth the cost?

As we inch closer and closer to a prospective release date for the Samsung Galaxy S5, the rumour mill is churning out hints left, right and centre. But taking a look at the differences between the new release and its S4 predecessor: is the Galaxy S5 worth the cost?

S5 diamond-coated metal: as expensive as it sounds?

The Samsung Galaxy flagship handsets have always had a similar look and feel about them, but the S5 is set to change all that.

First of all there’s the size of the handset; the S4 features a 5” display, with the S5 is upping that to a rumoured 5.3” screen, obviously making the handset slightly larger as a result.

Most importantly, the casing is the key change on the S5’s design. Moving away from the plastic casing of the S4, Samsung is supposedly overhauling the S5 with a premium metal cover.

If this is the case, we imagine the cost of the Galaxy S5 will be passed straight onto the user, with metal-coated smartphones like the iPhone sporting much higher price tags than their plastic counterparts.

However, rumour has it that Samsung will be releasing not one but two S5 handsets, in line with Apple’s plan of attack with the 5s and 5c.

If this is the case, we could well see a metal-cased and a plastic-bounded smartphone hitting our shelves, giving users the chance to choose between a premium device at one end and an affordable smartphone at the other.

On top of the metal case makeover, we could well see the last of the home screen button that the Galaxy S range is famous for. Samsung has been rumoured to be working on a seamless system of just touch icons as with most other Android smartphones.

On the plus side, it will help the screen size grow without making the handset much bigger, and the overall design of the Galaxy S5 will look a lot smoother without the button for sure. But will having a smartphone without any physical buttons make it worth paying more for? Probably not…

Galaxy S4 vs S5 under the hood

While the S4 offered a dramatic change in terms of features, the S5’s most notable difference will be in its user interface.

Samsung’s S5 will introduce the new TouchWiz user interface, a bright new change offering plenty of new features to help the S5 user out, from one-finger control, to a more friendly design compared to the S4.

There is talk of the new UI being a more intuitive and social version of the previous instalment, offering users the ability to share their thoughts seamlessly with other S5 users, something that we love the sound of.

As mentioned previously, the S5’s display is also set for an upgrade in size and sharpness compared with the S4.

This is being pushed up from 5″ to 5.3”, and boasting an astonishing 556 pixels per inch- over 100 more than the S4, turning an already superb screen to another level.

A 64-bit processor is also being rumoured for the new Samsung smartphone, and whilst Apple has done this before, this would be new ground for the S5, speeding the phone up even more than the previous S4.

Finally, the S4’s 13 megapixel camera is seeing an improvement, being pushed up to a solid 16 megapixels. This may be lower than the likes of Sony and Nokia releases over the past year, but it isn’t all about megapixels, and Samsung has proved this time and time again with recent releases.

Users are far more likely to pay more for a handset packed full of improved features; but will it be worth paying more for the S5 compared to the S4? With a 20MP camera and a 64-bit processor, there’s no doubt that you’ll be getting your money’s worth with the Galaxy S5.

Are the S5’s features worth the price?

With impressive features such as Group Play, Story Album and S Translator, the Galaxy S4 changed the game when it came to smartphone features. As a result, the S5 will have to step it up if it’s to offer more value to new users and seasoned Samsung fans alike.

There’s an iris scanner allegedly in the works, which would allow users to open the phone simply by looking at it. This is surely a feature existing only in the dreams of James Bond fanatics and could crank up the appeal for smartphone users everywhere.

The world was blown away with the iPhone 5s’ in-built fingerprint scanner, so we imagine an ultra futuristic iris scanner would send prospective S5 owners running for the nearest Samsung store. And the cost of having the most advanced technology on a smartphone? Priceless, even if it’s just to pretend you work for MI6 for the day.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy S5 cost?

The S5 offers a whole host of new features and a better design compared to its predecessor, and with more power under the hood you should definitely consider upgrading if you have the S3.

The S5 is set to be the best Samsung smartphone of 2014, and, packed full of future-proof features, an incredible rear-facing snapper and mighty specs under the hood, there’s no doubt that forking out for the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be worth it.