TouchWiz UI Features for the Samsung Galaxy S5

With new hardware often comes updated software, and in the case of the Samsung Galaxy S5 we aren’t expecting anything different.

Samsung is expected to release its new TouchWiz user interface (UI) alongside the brand new Galaxy S5 flagship this spring with a host of new features, all being kept under wraps for the time being in true Samsung fashion.

But when there’s a will there’s a way, and a notorious leaker gave us all what we wanted to see when releasing images of the upcoming UI for us all to drool over before the impending release of the smartphone itself.

Within these pictures came a series of features we expected, and some we didn’t, so let’s take a look and find out just what to expect from Samsung’s latest offering.

A New Design

With Samsung’s fifth Galaxy S flagship rumoured for release, it’s clear that nobody would be happy to see the same re-hashed design from Samsung. Luckily, it looks like Samsung’s new UI won’t disappoint.

In fact it, looks as if the Korean company has taken a page out of Microsoft’s book and gone with a slightly different tiled design that we saw in the latest Windows Phone 8 system.

It also reminds us of the ‘Magazine UX’ interface we saw at the CES this year on the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro offering.

Many experts are calling this a better version of Google Now, a widget based on Android that mixes all of the users’ favourite nuggets of information into one tile.

One key difference to Google Now is the integration of social media in the new design, allowing you to see notifications on live tiles, without forcing you to view them in a separate menu.

These tiles include everything from the latest sports scores, appointments and flight details to payment confirmation tiles through NFC and Home control (something we saw a glimpse of at the CES).

All of these tiles will feature graphic-based designs which change in turn with the tile. So, for example, if someone comments on your latest Facebook post, the tile will automatically display their profile picture.

Touch Free Gestures

Air gestures was a key feature of the S4 TouchWiz, but was underutilised by Samsung users.

But with the new UI, air gestures have been markedly improved, allowing multiple gestures through use of different fingers.

Whilst this doesn’t sound too outrageous a change, consider being able to edit pictures and zooming in and out without having to touch the screen with grubby fingers- it could really revolutionise the way we use our smartphones in the future.

Galaxy S5: One Hand Use

Something Samsung has been working hard on for a while now is being able to use the latest version of its handsets with one hand due to the likely increase in screen size.

This will work by having corner-based menus which open up to commonly used parts of the phone, like messaging and call menus, but will also offer customisation options so you can put whatever you want in them.

Samsung Social Music Player

This feature essentially tells your friends and contacts what you are listening to and gives them an opportunity to rate your music as well.

Whilst this seems like a menial feature right now, Samsung is making noises that would allow the feature to share your music with your friends, breaking into the music scene alongside Apple.

Anything Else…

There are always new rumours coming out about the upcoming UI, and as Samsung won’t confirm any information until TouchWiz UI on Android KitKat for the S5 is actually revealed we will be left waiting.

Hopefully we will be getting more information on the Android TouchWiz features sooner rather than later, but until the Samsung Galaxy S5 release, we will just have to keep guessing.