Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's Wireless PowerShare

Everything You Need to Know About Samsung's Wireless PowerShare

Wireless PowerShare, which debuted on the Galaxy S10, brings reverse charging to Samsung handsets. A feature that makes it possible to share power between numerous compatible devices, we're going to explain exactly how it works - and how you can use it on your phone - below.

What is Samsung Wireless PowerShare?

If you're a Samsung fan, you may have noticed Wireless PowerShare frequently mentioned on a number of recent Samsung handsets. Often accompanying the handset's main battery specs, we're here to shed some light on Samsung's innovative charging technology.

Helping you to get more out of your handset, Wireless PowerShare essentially makes it possible to transfer power from one device to another, without the need for charging cables. As long as both devices involved are Qi-certified - the industry standard for wireless charging - then you're good to go.

Whether a friend's Samsung is running low on power, or you need to give your own Samsung Galaxy Watch or Samsung Galaxy Buds a boost, it's all possible via Wireless PowerShare. You can transfer power to any Qi-enabled handset, meaning it's possible to share power with devices produced by other manufacturers like Sony, Apple or Huawei. For a smooth, fuss-free transfer, just be sure to double check the design of the second device doesn’t cause any obstruction.

How to use Samsung Wireless PowerShare

Using Samsung's Wireless PowerShare is really simple. It doesn't matter if you're charging another phone or a device like a smartwatch, the steps listed below will always be the same.


How to use the feature:

  1. Open up the notification panel on the Samsung phone that supports Wireless PowerShare. To do this, swipe down from the top of the screen.
  2. From the notification panel, tap Wireless PowerShare.
  3. Keep an eye out for a blue flashing light - this indicates that it has successfully been activated.
  4. Once the blue light has appeared, you can start sharing power. Before you begin, double check for obstructions. Certain phone cases and add-ons like PopSockets can prevent charging.
  5. Once obstructions have been removed, place your Samsung and the device you need to charge together. Make sure both devices are back to back.
  6. A pop-up will appear on your Samsung's screen when a connection has been made.
  7. If the pop-up doesn't appear, readjust the placement of the second device.
  8. Once you can see the pop-up, tap OK.
  9. The blue light on your Samsung should turn red - this indicates that power is being successfully transferred.
  10. The light will turn off completely when the second device is fully charged. If you're just giving it a boost, you can remove it at any time.

How to use Dual Charging

Did you know that Samsung's Wireless PowerShare also makes it possible to charge your Samsung phone and a second device simultaneously? If you follow the steps above, then plug your Samsung into its regular charger, you can charge both at once.


Known as Dual Charging, this feature can come in useful if you suddenly discover you're running low on power across multiple devices but only have access to your phone charger. Samsung also produce Duo Charging Pads, which let you wirelessly charge two devices at the same time.

What Samsung handsets support Wireless PowerShare?

If you want to try Samsung's Wireless PowerShare technology, then you'll need a phone that supports the feature. Luckily, many of Samsung's latest handsets come with this feature, including the devices below:


• Samsung Galaxy S10
• Samsung Galaxy S10+
• Samsung Galaxy S10e
• Samsung Galaxy S20
• Samsung Galaxy S20+
• Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
• Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
• Samsung Galaxy Note10
• Samsung Galaxy Note10+
• Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
• Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G
• Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

The majority of upcoming releases from Samsung - particularly flagship phones - are all expected to support it.

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