Best features of the Sony Xperia E1

**Sony hit the budget smartphone market hard last year, launching its high-performing but low priced Xperia E. And this year Sony has done it again, releasing the upgraded Xperia E1. **

So what can we expect to see from Sony’s latest budget smartphone? And how does it compare to its predecessor?

Sony Music Features

Quality features has been a key characteristic in the Xperia range and the Xperia E1 is a mighty little handset which sports all the features as you would expect from a Sony smartphone.

The original Xperia E was designed specifically for multimedia fans, and offers a whole range of music, gaming and movie features to suit your every need. Thankfully, the Xperia E1 continues to provide these Sony multimedia features; in fact, the budget smartphone has extended its Sony music features even further!

The Sony Xperia E boasted the impressive Walkman app, giving users access to their tunes with a single touch of a button. But now the E1 offers much, much more in the way of music features.

Firstly, the smartphone features Sony’s xLoud sound enhancement, similarly to the original Xperia E, meaning that the phone’s loudspeaker can play your tunes at up to a massive 100 decibels!

Add that to the E1’s ClearAudio and Clear Bass features, and you can give your music the platform they really deserve!

But there’s no point having an impeccable audio system if you haven’t got some equally amazing tunes to put on your E1. And that’s why Sony has provided users with its infamous Music Unlimited app, with access to over ten thousand tracks from the best artists around. Unlike many music streaming apps, Music Unlimited offers unlimited skips, no adverts and offline listening. After your first month free trial, there is a cost attached, but with the array of music features on the Sony Xperia E1, it’s definitely an investment thats worth it.

Finally, alongside the dedicated Sony Walkman button on top of the handset, Sony has made sure you can listen to your tunes without hassle. And with the Xperia E1’s Shake Control feature, you can shuffle you tracks simply by shaking your smartphone!

Video Unlimited

It’s not just music that the Sony Xperia E1 is good at, though. With Video Unlimited, you can whittle away hours by watching the greatest and latest movies straight from your smartphone.

With a 4-inch, 223 pixel per inch display, the Xperia E1 is the perfect smartphone for watching movies, TV series and videos. And you don’t have to be afraid of your phone dying in that pivotal, plot clinching moment either; with an improved 1,750mAh battery which boasts hours of video playback time, you’re sure to see the day out with juice left in your smartphone.

Xperia E1 vs Xperia E

So, we’ve established that the Sony Xperia E1 is an all round great budget smartphone for music and movie fanatics. But is it actually any different to its predecessor, the Xperia E?

In terms of power, the newest device wins hands down, towering over the original Xperia E’s 1GHz single core processor with its 1.2GHz dual core CPU, making the E1 satisfy your every command, fast.

The other most notable change between the Xperia E vs E1 is screen size. The new Xperia E1 sports a 4-inch display compared to the E’s slightly smaller 3.5-inch screen, and boasts 480×800 pixels rather than the Xperia E’s 320×480 pixels. This not only gives you an improved visual display when playing games or checking your emails, but it also enhances the bespoke Sony multimedia features mentioned above.

So if you’re after a budget smartphone which offers everything you could ever need, and more, then the Sony Xperia E1 could be perfect for you. Interested? Take a look at