Sorting the Rumours | What Might We See From the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Until Samsung finally reveals the Galaxy Note 3 in public during the IFA conference in Berlin this September, the exact details of its technical specifications will remain a mystery.

Rumours, leaks and speculation have variously asserted that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 screen size will be anywhere from 5.7 inches across the diagonal right up to 6.4 inches.

However, whatever the dimensions of the screen, it is almost certainly going to be endowed with a full HD 1080p resolution, following in the footsteps of the Galaxy S4 but bringing this high pixel count to an even bigger display.

With more Samsung Galaxy smartphones getting 1080p resolutions, what benefits does this technology offer and could it make even more sense on the presumably expansive Galaxy Note 3?

Video playback

The first and most important reason to choose a phone with a full HD 1080p screen is that you will be able to enjoy 1080p video content in its native format.

In the past it would have been necessary to watch clips of this kind squeezed onto lower resolution screens and even the last generation Galaxy Note 2’s 720p screen does not do 1080p justice.

Video streaming services are beginning to offer endless hours of 1080p content to watch on your smartphone and since the Galaxy Note 3 should also be able to record its own clips in full HD it is good that users will be able to watch them back without losing out on some of the quality.

Samsung’s Smart Pause, which automatically pauses a video when it detects that the user has looked away from the screen, will be a boon on the Galaxy Note 3.

Apps and interface

The five inch 1080p screen of the Galaxy S4 is big, but with the Galaxy Note 3 offering up to an inch more display real estate, the user experience could be even better.

This upcoming smartphone will come with the S Pen stylus like its predecessors, allowing users to engage with exclusive apps and take advantage of gesture-based interactions such as Air View which allow for quick previews of content prior to launching.

The apps which take full advantage of the added precision of the S Pen will be even easier to use with the higher resolution 1080p panel. More pixels should allow for better accuracy with the stylus, which should appeal to creative types who want to draw, sketch and make note on their device. Some of the best S pen apps available for the Samsung Note 3 will include Papyrus, Flipaclip, S Pen Voice Pro, and Scribble Racer.

General benefits

Even for people who are not going to be using the S Pen to interact with the Galaxy Note 3, the advantages of having an expansive 1080p display will be apparent as soon as you get to grips with the phone.

More space means apps, menus and web pages will be bigger and bolder, while the higher resolution will mean that you do not need to zoom in and out all the time.

Hopefully Samsung will live up to expectations and deliver a Galaxy Note 3 with a big display and a 1920×1080 resolution.