Which Spooky Smartphone Personality Are You?

Which Spooky Smartphone Personality Are You?

To get into the Halloween spirit, we've created six spooky smartphone personas that everyone will recognise.

Whether it’s The Where-Wolf who checks in everywhere they go, or The Gym Reaper who couldn’t possibly hit the gym without posting selfies on Instagram, everyone will know someone that fits into one of these personas:

The Gym Reaper

If you go to the gym, but don't tell everyone on social media, did your workout even happen? The Gym Reaper isn’t prepared to take this risk. One burpee complete? Time to tweet about it!

The Night Crawler

Tap, tap, tap… what's that? It’s the dreaded sound of The Night Crawler. You'll find them hidden away in bed, up until the early hours of the morning, endlessly scrolling through social media.

The Where-Wolf

Lacking mystery, everyone can locate The Where-Wolf. They check in on Facebook wherever they go, be it a restaurant, bar, a well-known landmark or even their grandma's house…

The Unread

Unnervingly normal at first glance, The Unread have a hidden secret tucked away in their pockets. Leeching the life out of smartphones all over the world, The Unread allow their notifications to reach a scarily high number, with thousands of emails, missed calls and messages screaming in pain, with no reply, forever unopened.

The Wandering Dead

Pedestrians, beware. The Wandering Dead cause tragedy and mayhem wherever they go - face down and eyes focused firmly on their phones, nobody is safe.

The Claw

A breed almost unknown to man, the beings we label as the The Claw enjoy very little real life social interaction. Their crooked fingers are fixed in a bent position, forever reaching for the phone they put down mere minutes before.

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