Spot The Smartphone (Can You Solve These Brainteasers?)

Spot The Smartphone (Can You Solve These Brainteasers?)

Love challenging your brain? Think you've got a keen eye and a knack for tech? If so, then we have the perfect puzzle for you.

We've created a series of smartphone brainteasers to challenge your puzzle-solving skills and tech knowledge all in one. Do you think you could spot the iPhone X in a sea of iPhone 8? Or recognise the Google Pixel 3 amongst a pile of Google Pixel 2? Then put your brain to the test and solve the following four smartphone brain teasers:

1. Spot the Google Pixel 3 in a sea of Google Pixel 2

Hint: The power button at the back of the Google Pixel 3 is different to the Pixel 2


2. Spot the Huawei P20 in a sea of Huawei Y7

Hint: The Huawei P20 has a larger display, and a notch for the camera.


3. Spot the iPhone X in a sea of iPhone 8

Hint: The iPhone X display is much larger than the iPhone 8 display


4. Spot the Samsung Galaxy S9 in a sea of Samsung Galaxy S8

Hint: This is a bit of a wildcard. The Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 are all but identical. Good luck!


Did you manage to spot them all..?


1 - Pixel 3 Location

2 - Huawei P20 Location

3. iPhone X Location

4. Galaxy S9 Location

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