In 2015, should I buy a tablet or phablet?

In 2015, should I buy a tablet or phablet?

With the ever increasing mobile phone screen sizes, it was no shock when some phones became tablet hybrids or even ‘phablets’. But it now begs the question, which would win the tablet or phablet battle, and which one should you buy?

It’s a tough question to answer; tablets offer the increased screen size many people like, though with phones getting bigger and bigger, smartphones can often do the job of a tablet. In some cases, they’re even better.

Samsung is currently dominating the large phone/tablet market here in the UK, having released the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in 2014, with an even bigger version called the Galaxy Note Mega 2 launched soon after. So is Samsung offering a glimpse of the future?

Phablet vs Tablet: Screen  Sizes

There’s no clear definition when it comes to describing a phablet- though with the Galaxy Note 4 sporting a 5.7” screen, and the Neo a 5.55” screen, we can place the average phablet screen size at between 5 and 6 inches.

Compare this with some tablets, however, and you have a device that can be only 1″ bigger. That said, there are a range of larger-screened tablets which offer a whole different experience when it comes to watching films and playing games.

When it comes to quality, however, bigger isn’t always better; whilst the screen sizes are larger on tablets, they aren’t actually as sharp when compared to the likes of the Note 4, often lacking the same picture quality as many phablets.

So, you may well have a bigger screen, but if it isn’t as good a screen as a phablet, are there any advantages?

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Phablet features compared to tablet features

You would think added size in a tablet would leave extra room for better internal tech, but this often isn’t the case. In fact, manufacturers tend to stuff more power and features into phablets to make them stand ahead of other flagship smartphones, whilst tablets focus on screen size alone.

The Note 4 is a prime example of a great Samsung phablet; the device by far offers the most power of all large screen smartphones, as it has to separate itself from the likes of the popular Galaxy S5.

While tablets are great for watching films and browsing the internet, large screen phones are capable of doing pretty much the same, with perhaps more features packed into their smaller shells.

For instance, you might be able to Facetime or iMessage your mates with an iPad, but can you send a good old fashioned text message, or make a call?

Phone or tablet camera?

The same goes for a phablet’s camera. Although tablets with camera lenses are commonplace, they often tend to be low megapixel front-facing snappers, designed for video calling.

On the other hand, phablets including the Note 4 and Huawei Ascend Mate 2 feature impressive 13 megapixel front and rear-facing lenses, blowing the tablet camera out of the water.

So tablet or phablet, which is better?

When it comes to shelling out for a new tablet or smartphone, there’s no denying that a tablet often comes out cheaper. However, when you add in the cost of buying a smartphone as well as the tablet, the total expenditure can often exceed the price of just a phone.

The phablet manages all of the tasks you would want from a tablet, whilst doubling as a mobile phone. It’s simply merges the tablet and phone, much suggested by its name, and stands as a clear winner in our eyes in the tablet vs phablet battle.

But, who said you actually had to choose? With so many free gifts with mobile phones, why not get your preferred smartphone and a tablet to match?