Tech Education: Google Digital Garage

Tech Education: Google Digital Garage

If you're interested in expanding your digital skills, Google Digital Garage is a great place to get started. Whether you've always wanted to learn the basics of code, or you need to brush up on something to help you perform a task at work, there's a wide range of online courses to explore. Learn more about Google Digital Garage and how you can sign up, today.

What is Google Digital Garage?

Launched in 2015, Google Digital Garage is an online learning platform that consists of over 100 online courses created by Google and its partners, including a number of educational organisations and universities. Upon launch, Google Digital Garage focused primarily on digital marketing skills, but has since expanded its repertoire to cover a wider digital landscape - including coding, data science and even online wellbeing.

Google purposefully designed Google Digital Garage to be a platform that anyone, regardless of age or experience, can use and enjoy. There are courses aimed at all levels, so complete novices and well-versed professionals alike can find something worthwhile to study.

You'll also be able to watch online webinars, which run regularly throughout the year. An updated list can be found on the Webinar tab, where you can register your interest in advance. There are additional tabs dedicated to Tools (where you'll find a number of Google recommended tools to assist with online courses) and Remote Working (which is full of advice on how to work, learn and even teach anywhere).

How much is it to enrol in a Google Digital Garage course?

Google Digital Garage is a non-profit programme that's completely free to use. You can join as many online courses and you'd like, without charge.


Selected Google Digital Garage courses do offer a certification upon completion, and are also free to use. However, in the past there have been a small number of specialised courses that learning partners may charge you for. This is quite rare, and you can instantly see which certified courses will require payment simply by ticking Paid certification on the Online Courses tab.

How do I start a Google Digital Garage course?

To start learning, the only thing you'll need is a Google Digital Garage account. This can be created with any email address, or an existing Google account. Simply follow the steps to sign up, and then find the course you're interested in.

Once you've located the right course, click on it and press Start free course. You'll be asked to sign in if you haven't already, and then you'll be taken to the course's landing page. From here you'll be able to see more details about the course, including the modules included, how long each module should take to complete, module progress and overall course progress. Just click on a module to begin, or pick up where you left off.

What can I learn with Google Digital Garage?

Currently, there are 126 courses to choose from. New courses are being added all the time, and as mentioned previously, a majority focus on digital marketing and helping businesses to grow a presence online.

As long as you have an interest in tech and learning however, you're sure to find something to help you expand your digital skillset. A few popular examples include:

• Understand the basics of code
• How to increase productivity at work
• Fundamentals of digital marketing
• The science of wellbeing
• Social Psychology
• Connect with customers over mobile
• Promote a business with content
• Land your next job

Google Digital Garage has been adapted for mobile too, and you can use your preferred web browser to continue your learning, no matter where you are. If you're after a new device to start exploring, don't forget to check out some of the best deals for iPhone and Android here at