The Best Apps for Dog Owners

Want to get technical with your canine companion? From walkies trackers to dogsit servies, there are plenty of great apps for dog lovers.

The Best Apps for Dog Owners

Smartphones help humans out with all kinds of tasks, but did you know they can benefit your beloved pooches too? Sniff around the App Store or Google Play for a little while, and you'll find a whole bunch of apps that are perfect for dog owners.

Short on time? Don't worry - we've done all the digging for you. Take a look below, and don't forget to hit download on these pawesome, dog-friendly apps.


Helping your dog to stay fit and healthy is an important part of being a responsible dog owner, and regular exercise is a must. If you love fitness too, and enjoy using workout apps yourself, then you're going to be obsessed with Rundogo. An app designed to help you keep on track of your dog's workouts and progress, as well as your own, it's perfect for both regular dog walkers or proud pup parents who like to dabble in canicross (dog running), bikejoring (cycling with your dog) and even mushing.


With Rundogo, you can add the stats of multiple dogs into the app, such as their weight, age and breed. Once each profile is complete, you can then select a type of exercise (be it walking, running or something a little more niche like skijoring) and away you go. The app will track distance travelled, your average pace, average speed and the total time spent exercising. You can even share your workouts with friends too, or comment on what others are doing, on the feed. Rundogo is available for iOS and Android, so every smartphone user can join in on the fun.

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Looking for a reliable dog walker or dog sitter, but not sure where to turn? Download DogBuddy. Whether you're planning a holiday and need a temporary, lovable home for your pooch to relax in or you'd like to find someone reliable to walk your pup during the day while you're at work, this trusted service is the place to turn to. DogBuddy has its own website, but you can search via the easy-to-use app too that's available on both iOS and Android. Search via location for a suitable, vetted dog walker or dog sitter, and you'll be presented with the profiles of people available in your area.


Read reviews of their services from other dog owners, view their profile which will include photos, a biography and prices, and use the in-app messaging service to get in touch. Once you've found the right sitter or walker for you, you can continue to use the app. Your dog walker can use GPS to track every dog walk with your pooch, so you can see where your furry friend has been and how much exercise they've had. Walkers and sitters can also use the messaging feature to send you regular videos and photos, so it'll feel like you've never been away from your pup.


Ready to teach your dog some new tricks? A particularly fantastic app for puppies, Puppr is the must-have dog training app. Free to download on an iOS or Android, Puppr has over 50 step-by-step tricks to explore. Categorised by type (e.g. Basic, Silly, Circus), you can work your way through each until your dog has mastered them all. All tricks have a difficulty rating and tips to help you progress quicker.


Certain tricks are locked, and require a subscription to gain access. The subscription can be paid monthly or annually, and also includes access to Live Chat (where you can speak with Sara Carson from America's Got Talent and her team for advice and additional help) and a dashboard where progress can be tracked and badges can be earned. Puppr also has a built-in clicker for training, and you can set daily training reminders for one or multiple dogs.

Tractive Dog Walk

Looking for something less advanced than Rundogo? If you simply want an effective app to track your dog walks, try Tractive Dog Walk. Easy to navigate and powered by GPS, the app will record the details of every walk you take including the exact route and the time taken. It's great for referring back to if you happen to stumble upon an amazing route, and as stats are saved you can track your dog's process over a week, month or even a year.


Tractive Dog Walk also enables you to take photos directly within the app, and you can record where you dog decides to take a break to relieve themselves too. Tractive Dog Walk is popular with professional dog walkers as well. Sharing the details of walks is effortless, and super easy to do.

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