The best Chrome extensions to help boost your productivity

The best Chrome extensions to help boost your productivity

If Chrome is your go-to web browser, then you'll instantly have access to an entire library of Chrome extensions. Small, add-on programmes designed to enhance your browser's functionality, Chrome extensions are super easy to install.Whether you're easily distracted and need something to help you concentrate, or you're interested in making your day-to-day workload a little bit easier, our recommendations are sure to help.


If you write a lot in Chrome, be it emails, social media posts or even blogs, it can be really easy to make mistakes when you don't have a built-in tool to check for errors. This is where Grammarly comes in. And to make things even better, the basic plan is completely free.


Once installed, Grammarly will check whatever it is you're working on for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. As you type, it'll highlight any issues and offer suggestions to help you fix them, removing the need to painstakingly read through your work again and again before publishing it online, or sending it to an important colleague.

Grammarly works on pretty much every website, including Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and Medium. If you're interested in improving your writing skills too, you can upgrade to the Grammarly Premium plan. Grammarly Premium goes even further, offering tone adjustments, formality scores, stylistic advice and it'll even pick up signs of plagiarism.


For anyone struggling to stay organised, Todoist is here to save the day. Also available as an app for iOS, MacOS, Android and Windows 10, the Chrome extension version of Todoist makes sure you can keep on top of your tasks as you use the web.


With the Todoist extension, setting up a daily task list is easy. You can plan your day in your browser, complete tasks in your list, or even add links to new tasks in seconds. Ideal for saving articles you need to read later, or to add items to a wishlist, it's all possible within the extension. You won't have to click away from your current task - just tap on the Todoist icon, and carry on with whatever it is you're doing.

If you do use Todoist on your other devices, any changes you make in your browser will automatically sync and be updated there too.

Toggl Track

Tracking the amount of time spent on specific tasks can, ironically, take up a lot of your time. This is where Toggl Track comes in. Previously Toggl Button, this extension helps you to automate the process. A time management tool that works in your browser and with a huge range of tools like Google Keep, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Outlook, Trello, WordPress, Notion and so much more, it's the perfect choice for employees, business owners or anyone who wants to hold themselves accountable for how much time they spend browsing specific sites.


Just install Toggl Track, and make sure a timer is running. A red icon means your time is being tracked, whereas a grey icon means Toggl Track is currently inactive. You can choose to start and stop timers automatically when you open and close your browser or tool, or opt in to notifications if you'd prefer to set timers manually. Toggl Track even supports idle detection, where prompts will appear if you remain inactive during a set task. You can discard idle time from your daily and weekly reports, or keep them if it's something you want to monitor.

Toggl Track understands the importance of taking a break too. You can arrange something known as a Pomodoro timer to appear after a certain length of time to make sure you're not overworking.

Toggl Track is free for up to 5 members, and premium plans are available for larger groups and to access additional features.


If an inability to focus is ruining your productivity, then give Noisli a try. This nifty Chrome extension helps you to create the perfect background noise to work to, and it's completely customisable to suit your personal preferences.

For many, working in silence, to music or in a busy office environment where there are lulls and then sudden spikes of activity can be extremely distracting. But consistent noises - like the sound of falling rain, the usual hustle and bustle of a coffee shop or white noise - have been proven to help block out the world around you, meaning you can really focus on the task at hand.


This is essentially what Noisli provides. Install the extension, then select a playlist. Each playlist has been designed for a specific purpose, such as sleep, productivity, relaxation and a dedicated noise blocker, so you can choose what works for your current situation.

Noisli will then prompt you to add in any additional sounds, and there are up to 28 to choose from. You can enable oscillation to gradually increase or decrease volume of single sounds, or you can set the volume yourself. Mix and match, create combinations that you love and save the ones that work for you to your favourites.

Noisli is available for free, or you can sign up to Noisli Pro if you love it and want even more options.

Grammarly, Toggl Track, Todoist and Noisli are all available for mobile too, on both iOS and Android. And if you're thinking about boosting your productivity with a handset upgrade, make sure you don't miss the great deals at