The Best Mobile Tech from CES 2019

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The Best Mobile Tech from CES 2019

One of the most hotly anticipated events of the year, CES once again generated a lot of buzz i nthe tech world. CES 2019 kicked off with some of the biggest names in tech showcasing their latest inventions, and alongside them was a plethora of smaller brands using the event as a platform to reveal the innovative products they have to offer.

A handful of brand-new smartphones were also revealed at CES, including Samsung's exciting 5G prototype. With so much going on during this six-day technology extravaganza, it can be hard to keep up. To help, we've handpicked some of the most exciting CES 2019 announcements.

Honor View 20

After the success of the Honor View 10, it was only a matter of time until Honor released the Honor View 20. From the affordable sub-brand owned by Chinese tech giants Huawei, the Honor View 20 offers some seriously impressive specs - like an unforgettable 48MP camera.


As well as sporting a sleek design, the View 20 is packed with specs that are far more premium than its price suggests. A 4,000mAh battery will provide you with power all day long, even when you're streaming movies or using AI-based apps, while the 6.3-inch screen offers a highly detailed, vivid viewing experience. The Honor View 20's cameras are a major talking point too. On the rear is an amazing yet surprising 48MP camera that uses AI Vision to produce outstanding photos in any environment, while the front-facing camera measures 25MP and sports a 'hole punch' design, meaning there's a much smaller intrusion on the top of the screen than previous 'notch-like' designs from both Honor and other smartphones manufacturers.

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Samsung's 5G prototype

Expect "5G ready" to be a standout feature on smartphones towards the latter end of 2019. This faster-than-ever-before generation of mobile network technology isn't that far away from being rolled out, so it makes sense that smartphone manufacturers are adding compatible features to their newest devices to ensure users can take advantage of 5G as soon as it’s available.


However, Samsung used CES 2019 to show off its first 5G device, viewable to visitors through a transparent display case only. Known simply as the "5G Prototype Smartphone", the company hardly gave anything away - apart from the fact that a 5G phone will be coming. Samsung fans will simply have to wait until the launch event on February 20th for confirmation.

The prototype handset streamed a video on loop, but Samsung confirmed it was not using 5G to do so. However, the first ever 5G data call from a smartphone was made at CES. American network Sprint, Nokia and Qualcomm collaborated to make mobile history at the event.

Oculus Quest and HTC Vive Pro Eye

VR shows no signs of slowing down, and advancements are continuously being made. Some of the biggest VR news at CES 2019, however, revolved around Oculus and HTC - two of the major players in the VR headset world.


Oculus announced Oculus Quest, its affordable, mid-range headset designed to make VR more accessible to the everyday tech lover. No PC is required to use the headset, no external sensors are needed, and no cords are used, so using Oculus Quest is set to be easier than ever. This smart item uses internal sensors to assess your surroundings, and adapt itself to the space you're playing in.


The latest headset from HTC arrived in the form of the HTC Vive Pro Eye. As well as amazing graphics and seriously high-end audio, the Vive Pro Eye uses advanced eye tracking and built-in analytics tools to offer quicker reactions and transform the headset into a responsive controller and communicator. The data gathering features are particularly ideal if you're using VR with customers or trainees, as it can help you to understand how your audience reacts and responds to certain scenarios

Smart doorbells

Multiple brands showcased smart doorbells at CES 2019. The smart home security market is definitely growing, with more choice available than ever before.


Announcements of new smart doorbells were made by Ring, Netatmo, First Alert and Kasa. Standout smart doorbells included Amazon-owned Ring's Door View Cam, which is ideal for renters due to its unobtrusive installation - all you need to do to attach the device is to place it on an existing peephole on your front door - and the Smart Video Doorbell from Kasa. Kasa has used a 2K HDR camera in its doorbell for improved picture quality, and the device even uses facial recognition technology to identify between known faces (like family members) and strangers.

Royole FlexPai

Another mobile first, Royole brought the FlexPai foldable phone - to CES 2019. The screen measures 7.8 inches when fully opened, and 5 inches when folded, and despite its unusual design, still offers brilliant specs like a dual 20MP and 16MP camera, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 processor and a huge 3,800 mAh battery.


If you like the sound of foldable tech, Royole also announced a collection of other foldable devices. Our favourite has the be the flexible QWERTY keyboard, which is transparent and can be carried in your pocket. Just unroll it, lay it on any smooth surface and connect to a device via Bluetooth to type away.

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