The Best TV Shows to Stream if You Love Tech

The Best TV Shows to Stream if You Love Tech

Video streaming services are hugely popular worldwide and offer users the ability to access a huge collection of amazing - and sometimes exclusive - TV shows and films.

If you're into all-things technology, you'll be happy to hear there's a wide range of tech-focused shows currently available to stream. Discover some of the very best and find out where you can watch them right this second, in our list below.

Black Mirror

Where to watch: Netflix

Releasing its fifth season in 2019, Black Mirror has developed a reputation for examining the unanticipated consequences of new technology. Often set in the future, there's an overarching dystopian theme running throughout each season - and each episode is sure to have you sitting on the edge of your seat.

An anthology-style TV show, each Black Mirror episode is a standalone drama in its own right. The beauty of this concept means you can start watching at any point, and there's no need to watch the episodes before, or even directly after. Standout tech-based episodes to get you started with Black Mirror include Nosedive, Arkangel, Hang the DJ and Fifteen Million Merits.


Another not-to-be-missed watch from Black Mirror is Bandersnatch. An interactive film released at the end of 2018, viewers are able to make decisions for the main character Stefan. The next thing you see will depends on the choice you make. It's uses the choose-your-own-adventure concept, and on average the film lasts 90 minutes. There are over one trillion combinations, meaning you can watch it over and over again.

Black Mirror is available to watch online with a Netflix subscription.

Mr. Robot

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

First released in 2015, Mr. Robot follows Elliot Alderson - a cybersecurity engineer by day and hacker by night. Elliot struggles from social anxiety, clinical depression and dissociative identify disorder, all of which are touched upon in the show.

Early on in the first series he meets a mysterious man named Mr. Robot, who claims to be the leader an underground hacking group called F-Society. Mr. Robot wants to take down E-Corp, one of the biggest corporations in the world, and coincidentally Allsafe's (the company Elliot works for) biggest client. He recruits Elliot, and the series follows his journey into the dark underworld of hacking.


With three seasons currently available, and a fourth and final season on the way at the end of 2019, this techno thriller is definitely one not to miss. It has a Golden Globe for Best Television Drama series, a Peabody Award and six Emmy Award nominations.

Make sure you catch Mr. Robot on Amazon Prime.

Electric Dreams

Where to watch: All 4

Electric Dreams is based on the works of writer Philip K. Dick, creator of novels that led to the production of Hollywood films Blade Runner and The Adjustment Bureau.

Every episode is based on an individual short story written in the 1950s and lasts 50 minutes each. Across all 10 episodes, you're really made to think with many of the anthologies exploring futuristic situations based around the technological advancement. With heavy Sci-Fi themes, a touch of horror and thought-provoking scripts, it's a must-see. We recommend Crazy Diamond and Kill All Others if you're looking for a place to start.


Catch Electric Dreams for free on All 4, to start watching episodes, all you need to do is set up an All 4 account and you’re good to go


Where to watch: NOWTV

With 43 Emmy Award nominations and 3 Golden Globe nominations, Westworld is a must-see if you enjoy more Sci-Fi focused TV. The first series begins in Westworld, a Wild-West themed amusement park of sorts that's populated with android hosts that look and interact exactly like human beings. Guests can pay to visit for as long as they please, and are offered the chance to explore their fantasises without fear. The hosts are programmed to never hurt humans - until things begin to go wrong.


With 10 episodes per season, Westworld will give you plenty to sink your teeth into before the third season is released in 2020. Created by HBO, you can expect top-notch scripts, outstanding visuals.

Discover it today on NOWTV.

Halt and Catch Fire

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Taking a step back into the past, Halt and Catch Fire begins in the 1980s and, across four seasons, stretches into the 1990s. The show focuses on the personal computer revolution and the growth of the World Wide Web, through the eyes of a visionary engineer.

Starring Lee Pace, Scoot McNairy and Mackenzie to name just a few, and each character has an individual storyline that runs throughout the show. Ideas, perseverance and failure are key themes, and you learn as much about human nature as you do about the rise of computer tech. It's a recommended watch, especially for those who lived throughout this revolutionary time, or for anyone wanting to learn more about the origins of the digital world we live in today.


Tune in to Halt and Catch Fire for free with an Amazon Prime membership.

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