There's An App For That! (The Most Bizarre Things There's An App For)

There's An App For That! (The Most Bizarre Things There's An App For)

Unique and bizarre apps have always existed, even way back in 2008 when both the App Store and Google Play first launched. From popping virtual pimples to unrolling digital toilet roll, smartphone users have certainly seen (and probably downloaded) their fair share of weird apps in the past ten years.

Think you've seen it all? There are still plenty of odd apps out there waiting for you to hit download. Take a look at our pick of the tops apps that will make you say: "I can't believe there's an app for that!"

Apps To Beat The Boredom

Ever taken a photo, but felt that it's lacking in cats? Well, CatPaint is the answer to all your problems. If you're willing to part with 99p, you can choose from a huge range of cat images (some with lasers shooting out of their eyes) to add to your favourite snaps.


Still bored? Try Don't Tap the Glass. An Android exclusive, you'll be presented with a virtual fish tank with a rather angry fish housed inside. Apparently, he likes peace and quiet. Tap the glass, and the fish is instantly annoyed, triggering an amusing reaction. That's really all this app does - possibly a bit repetitive for some, but perfect if you have the attention span of a goldfish.

Apps For The Not-Very-Chatty

Admittedly this was created for April Fool's Day in 2014, but Yo - an app that allows any smartphone user to send the word 'Yo' as a text or audio clip to friends - incredibly became a huge success. In fact, over three million people have downloaded it, prompting the creators to add extra features. Now, alongside your 'Yo', you can attach your location or an image too.


And that's all there is to it. Seriously. Naming itself the 'simplest communication tool in the world', Yo is bizarrely basic. It has however, inspired the creation of many similar apps - including a Game of Thrones themed app that sends out the name 'Hodor'.

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Apps That Are Surprisingly Useful

Weird yet wonderful apps? Take Kiwake Alarm Clock. If you're prone to hitting the snooze button, and simply can't get out of bed in the morning, this app is the key to becoming an early bird. How? It simply leaves you with no choice but to wake up.

Kiwake Alarm Clock

With no snooze button available, Kiwake forces you to take three distinct steps to turn off the alarm, waking up both the body and mind. As the alarm goes off, you're required to take a photo of an object that's far away from your bed (chosen by you the night before). We suggest something in the bathroom to make it easier to get into the shower, or even the coffee machine itself. Next? Wake up your brain. To complete this step, you need to solve a quick puzzle or play a short game. The final step? Check your to-do list for the day. After all that, you won't want to go back to sleep.

Daily Water

For some, drinking water might be easy. But if you do really struggle, Daily Water can help - you can set targets, track your progress, set reminders and more. It's a fairly basic app overall, but one that can be life-changing if you're motivated by working towards goals, trying to ditch fizzy drinks or need to remind yourself to stay hydrated during a busy day at work. And if you need to pass the time on your way to the office, take a look at the best podcasts to improve your daily commute.

Ever thought of scaring yourself senseless to get fit? Well Zombies, Run! will do just that. Whether you're indoors or outdoors, just press play on one of 200 missions and get ready to workout to a terrifying soundtrack. When zombies are approaching, you'll hear them - and you better speed up unless you want to be caught.

Zombies, Run!

It sounds crazy, but with one million downloads and thousands of positive testimonials, it seems that this weird app really does provide runners with the motivation they need to carry on.

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