Top Upcoming Tablets for 2015

The top upcoming tablets for 2015 have us quite excited as we see each of the big brands looking to deliver ever more intelligent devices than ever before.

So if you’re looking to pick up a new tablet this year, here is a run down of what will be the best new tablets of 2015 and when they are likely to be released.

Nokia N1

A unique perspective on your daily life

The Nokia N1 tablet has been officially announced so we know what we are in store for, and it looks like good news. The most exciting element is the Nokia Z Launcher which learns your behaviour habits in order to automatically morph the home screen depending upon where you are and what you are doing. Already on pre-order in China, reportedly, the Nokia N1 has already sold out with over 20,000 units going in just four minutes!

The Nokia Z Launcher also allows you to use your fingers to scribble a letter on the 7.9” home screen to find the app that you want in record time. The display has a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels and sits in a one piece aluminium body with satin finish.

The 6.9mm thin body also houses 90dB stereo speakers, an 8 megapixel main camera and 5 megapixel video calling camera, a 2.4 GHz quad core processor and the latest Android Lollipop 5.0 operating system.

Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet

A Mobile World Congress highlight

There is a high possibility that the MWC in March 2015 will be used as the launching platform for the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. This 12.9” Sony tablet might have a display with a resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels and an 8 megapixel main camera.

The most startling rumour leaked so far is that there could be a 2.86GHz processor with an almost unbelievable 6GB RAM. If this develops into a physical reality then Sony’s new tablet could be a runaway success when placed next to the prospective devices that Apple and Samsung plan to launch this year.

A large 12,100mAh battery should offer plenty of user time between charges and this will be helped along by the latest Android Lollipop operating system, which has the lowest energy consumption yet.

Apple iPad Pro

Fiction or reality?

The Apple iPad Pro has received a decent amount of speculation in the press but the reality is that this tablet could be completely fictional. If certain rumours are to be believed and this Apple tablet becomes reality then a mid-2015 release date looks probable.

The rumours that do exists hint that the display will measure 12.2” or 12.9” and this will be powered by a quad core processor and a big 11,000mAh battery. An internal memory of 128GB should also be included and certain leaked images have shown four built in speakers, so the iPad Pro will be a great device for music and video streaming.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 5

A summer treat

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 is expected to be released in the summer of 2015 and may arrive with the choice of either a 7” or 10.1” screen. The 10.1” tablet will have a 64-bit Snapdragon processor with 64-bit architecture and will run the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. The smaller 7” Samsung tablet will have a quad core processor and the Android KitKat operating system as well as a more budget friendly price tag.

Apple iPad Air 3

Venturing into the unknown

The Apple iPad Air 3 is likely to be released in September or October 2015 and at this point that date is too far into the future for even rumours to be circulating. The iPad Air 3 will undoubtedly have a better camera and be faster than the iPad Air 2 but little else can be assumed.

New tablets 2015

So if you’re looking to buy a new tablet this year, here are the best of the bunch which we should get our hands on at some point in 2015.