Unlocking Your Potential in a Digital Age

As you make your way to work, it seems as though every second person you pass has their nose buried in a smartphone. But what are they actually up to? Traditionalists would have you believe that mobile technology is a distraction to real life, however, with recent advances and innovations this couldn’t be further from the truth. Think of any new skill you want to develop, and chances are there’s an app ready to help you on your way. Even skilled professionals are looking to new apps to improve their performance.

Let your imagination run wild

Take for example, digital author Michael B. Just type Stan the Treeclimbing Inchworm into Google Play, and you’ll be greeted by a charming children’s story with beautiful illustrations. The e-book was created using Book Creator, with the potential to turn you into a publishing sensation overnight. With over 9 million books created on the app to date, Book Creator is the No.1 book app in 80 countries across the globe. Just input your story, and let the app coach you in design, layout and presentation, adding images and audio to create a fully immersive narrative.

Michael B shares his experience on the app’s official website, stating that he noticed** Book Creator** on Google Play after suffering a lack of support from several online publishers. Finding the app simple and user-friendly, it wasn’t long before his own title was on the virtual shelf, and the world was introduced to a certain inchworm named Stan. His experience is summed up as he goes on to refer to the app as “A publishing revolution.”

Not only can Apps help you unlock your potential, check out how they can aid you on your Pursuit of Appiness.

Practice makes perfect

The world of publishing isn’t the only vocation to take note of app potential. With new titles appearing on a regular basis, both established and student medics are looking to their mobile device as their own healthcare consultant.

Not for the squeamish, Touch Surgery allows you to virtually slice and dice your own patient in the comfort of your own home. The app’s creators have stated that the app was developed in response to the problem of surgeon’s hours being cut, and there’s certainly plenty of cutting potential with this title. And slicing, pinching, peeling, and probing as well. Providing invaluable training outside of reduced tutoring hours, this app also provides a safe simulation for surgeons to hone their skill, long before a real scalpel actually touches skin.

Age is just a number

Another great feature of app education is that there’s no age limit, giving new opportunities to young minds. Do you remember your first job, or your main source of income when you were a teenager? We’re guessing that you weren’t enjoying a healthy return from stock market investments?

You may recognise Rachel Fox from hit TV drama Desperate Housewives, but what you probably don’t know is that since the age of 16, she was using her time between takes to buy and sell on her smartphone. Whether you see yourself as Delboy Trotter or The Wolf of Wall Street, anyone can download apps such as Google Finance and get afloat. With regular news and updates alongside the latest figures, these apps allow you to play the market like never before.

Rachel’s website, foxonstocks.com, as well as her Twitter account, have both been used to champion a new app. Recently out of beta stages, Stox is set to be the must-have training tool for those new to the stock market, offering interactive tutorials with easy-to-digest segments. No more trawling through textbooks as Stox incorporates games and quizzes, allowing you to learn by doing. This time next year, we’ll be millionaires.

The road to success

Whatever your ambitions in life, the hardest part of your journey can be getting your foot on the ladder. You may feel you have the potential, just not a complete skillset. So put down Twitter, log out of Facebook, and check your Google Play or Apple iStore for the latest apps that could set you on the road to personal development. And just remember during your next commute to work, that while the person sitting to your left on the train may be playing Angry Birds, the person to your right could be performing open heart surgery.