The Weirdest Tech of 2018 (so far!)

The Weirdest Tech of 2018 (so far!)

Every year, the world's brightest and most creative gather at tech expos to showcase their latest inventions. With Computex in Taiwan finishing recently on June 9th, and CES in Las Vegas kicking off the year back in January, it's safe to say 2018 has already seen its fair share of amazing new tech.

Of course, with the wonderful comes the weird. Strangely useful or just downright odd, let's look at some of the most peculiar tech to grace 2018 so far.

Ovis Smart Suitcase

Lugging a suitcase around an airport and across busy streets on your way to the hotel is an annoyance we all know too well. The answer? A robotic suitcase that will quite literally follow you around - no dragging necessary.

The Ovis Smart Suitcase from Forward X (originally known as the CX-1 at CES 2018) has been branded as the "world's first self-driving carry on". Using a 170-degree wide-angle lens, facial recognition and a whole bunch of other snazzy tech to keep its eye on your every move, it'll roll behind you without any effort required on your part. Just wear the smart wristband that's included, and it'll whizz about at maximum speeds of 7mph.

Kolibree's Magik toothbrush

When it comes to brushing your teeth, using an electric toothbrush is about as high tech as things should probably get. But Kolibree think differently, and its Magik smart toothbrush is about making those all-important two minutes every day and night fun for children.

The first-ever interactive toothbrush to use Augmented Reality, Kolibree's Magik toothbrush aims to motivate and educate kids to keep their teeth clean by taking them on a fun-filled adventure.

Download the AR gaming app to your phone, open up the front-facing camera and begin. Children will find themselves immersed into a whole new world, where they need to shoot bubbles at an evil monster that's bent on spreading cavities to innocent people.

To shoot, kids need to move the toothbrush around and brush thoroughly in the correct places to release bubbles. Once defeated, data on how well they've brushed can be sent automatically to your phone. It's a weird idea for sure, but with great intentions.

LifeFuels Bottle

Living a healthier, happier lifestyle is a concern for many, and drinking more water seems to be something everyone aims for. But would you be tempted to pick up a gadget designed to improve your H2O intake?

Introducing the LifeFuels Bottle: a smart water bottle designed for those who are serious about hydration. Fill it with water, and choose up to three FuelPods to insert at the bottom.

FuelPods are naturally flavoured drinks packed with vitamins and nutrients. Designed to be diluted in water, each pod can deliver 15 servings.

Press the dispense button to release the flavour, and adjust settings to your personal tastes. Created to sync with your smartphone or smartwatch too, opening the LifeFuels app enables you to view your hydration and nutrient intake all while viewing actions and insights that'll help you stay on track.

SELFLY smartphone cases

Have you ever wanted to give your smartphone case the gift of flight? We hadn't either, until we heard about SELFLY.

A smartphone case that's actually a drone, SELFLY fits onto any smartphone that measures between four and six inches. Thin enough to fit in your pocket, you can detach the drone from the case at any time and control the on-board camera via your smartphone. Want the drone to fly to a particular spot? Tap the area on your smartphone screen. The same goes for zooming out - just pinch the screen and watch it fly. You can also use virtual joysticks if you'd prefer.

Using advanced stabilisation technology, you can also record and livestream with SELFLY.

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