What are Google Chrome extensions?

What are Google Chrome extensions?

If you're a big Google Chrome user, you should be taking advantage of Google Chrome extensions. No idea what they are? We take a closer look to give you the lowdown, and improve your internet browsing experience.

What are Google Chrome extensions?

Think of Google Chrome extensions as add-ons, which help to customise your browsing experience. Mini software programs that work within Chrome, extensions are created by developers that use technology like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Extensions come in all shapes and sizes. They can range from anything such as a handy notification tool for your emails to an advanced spelling and grammar checker. You can even give your tabs a makeover with an extension that installs a brand-new look, or download an extension that'll scan the web for suitable voucher codes while you shop online - meaning you'll always get the best deal on every purchase.

How do I install a Chrome extension?

To browse and install Chrome extensions, head to the Google Chrome homepage and click Customize from the navigation bar.

From here, make sure Extensions is highlighted and click on an extension you like the sound of to view more. A pop-up window will appear, explaining more and displaying reviews from other users.

To add to Chrome, simply look for the blue + Add to Chrome button (often located on the top left of the pop-up window). Press it, and confirm when a pop-up window appears. Click Add Extension and Chrome will quickly install it.

You'll be notified when the download is complete, and often an icon will appear next to the address bar for easy access.

Can't decide where to start? Take a look below at our top five Google Chrome extensions if you need some inspiration.

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Top 5 Google Chrome extensions

Love the sound of Chrome extensions? We've picked five of the best, that offer a whole host of helpful features you'll find yourself loving and using every single day.

Save to Pocket

Constantly stumbling across brilliant articles, videos and websites online, but struggle to find them again once you have enough time to thoroughly enjoy them? This is where Save to Pocket comes in. Based on the app Pocket, the extension enables you to save any web page with one click and access it at a later date - even if you have no internet access. You'll also find plenty of recommended articles based on your saved sites too - perfect for exploring a subject you love and finding new sources on the web.

Have the Pocket app on your phone or tablet already? All the sites you save using the extension will automatically sync to the app so you can literally access it anywhere, anytime.

Typio Form Recovery

There's nothing worse than filling out an online form, only to lose the text you've just written whenever you refresh the page or accidentally click off the form. It can be a nightmare having to start over, especially if you're short on time.

Thanks to Typio Form Recovery, you'll never have to worry about losing your work again. Automatically saving any text you input to the web, you can recover your data easily - just right click and choose Recover field text. You have complete control over what is saved too and if you don't want Typio Form Recovery to save as you type, just add the website to a list of excluded domains.


Transform how your tabs on Chrome look with Momentum. This customisable extension acts as your own personal dashboard, and you can look forward to an inspiring new image and quote every single day.

You'll find the time display in the centre, while the weather is located in the top right-hand corner. Your To Do list can be found on the bottom right, and if you wish you can add a search bar or your favourite links on the left for easy access.


If you frequently shop online, Honey is a must. Add items to your cart as usual, then click the Honey icon near the address bar. The extension scans the web for any additional discounts or voucher codes, and applies them at checkout.

Honey isn't just limited to fashion websites either - whatever you're looking to buy, Honey will try to find a code so you can enjoy it for less.


Whether you're a student trying to get through essays, a professional who frequently needs to send important business emails or simply an avid tweeter that can't afford to make a mistake, Grammarly is for you.

Grammarly checks your spelling and grammar online, and with Grammarly Premium it'll even suggest enhancements to improve your writing. Wherever you type, be it on Gmail, LinkedIn or WordPress you can finally say goodbye to typos once and for all.

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