What is Nintendo Labo?

What is Nintendo Labo?

If you're a fan of the playful and popular Nintendo Switch, you're sure to love Nintendo Labo. Taking the fun up a notch, this quirky and creative addition to the console is sure to make your imagination run wild.

Created "for kids and those who are kids at heart", this construction-based extension is designed to teach the principles of engineering, physics and programming in an easy-to-understand, entertaining way, and is set to continue Nintendo's current winning streak.

Grab your Nintendo Switch, and let's take a look at exactly what Nintendo Labo is, and how you and your family can enjoy this impressive DIY kit.

What is Nintendo Labo?

In simple terms, the Nintendo Labo is a piece of carboard that, used together with your Nintendo Switch, lets you turn your console into a whole host of exciting creations dubbed Toy-Cons.

How does it work? You simply fold the pre-cut and shaped cardboard pieces as per the step-by-step instructions on the Nintendo Switch's screen, fit your Joy-Con (the controller) into the creation, and away you go.

You'll also be asked to place white stickers in specific areas on the cardboard, to help the infrared sensor inside the right Joy-Con make a connection. This, combined with motion controls and HD Rumble (Nintendo Switch's version of haptic feedback) help every part to interact, and the Switch to change what's happening on screen for the best experience possible.

Nintendo Labo Robot, Piano & Fishing Line

There are loads of options to explore. You can turn your console into new and exciting objects such as a piano, a fishing rod, a motorbike and even a robot, then revel in the hours of fun that follow. Nintendo is also releasing a huge selection of customisation options, so you can add colours, stickers and quirky tapes to really personalise your Labo creations.

There's the Toy-Con Garage to discover as well, which allows users to create and program their own Toy-Cons, either using existing kits or their own materials. The Toy-Con Garage works by creating commands via an input and output node. Perform the input, and the output (such as a vibration or light) will be triggered. More complex commands use multiple input-output nodes in a sequence, and promise to appeal to tech-loving kids and parents.

A truly innovative invention, Nintendo Labo is about to bring a whole new world of potential to the Nintendo Switch.

Make, Play, Discover

Launch Nintendo Labo software, and you'll be met with three options: Make, Play, Discover. Each section offers something different, so let's take a brief look at them all.

Here, you'll find all the instructions you need to make a Toy-Con. Grab your cardboard, select the object you want to make and start creating. Nintendo's instructions come with visual aids to make everything clear and simple. You can fast-forward steps, rewind and even alter the angle so you can see the model on the screen from every side. And the instructions are pretty funny too.

Inside every kit, you'll receive software as well as the equipment you need to create your Toy-Con. This software includes a selection of games tailored to each kit - if you're making a fishing rod, for example, you'll find a mini fishing game to go with it. Games can be found under the Play section.

The final section to explore with Nintendo Labo is Discover. Here you'll find all the secrets to how Nintendo Labo works - select a Toy-Con and it'll show you how everything comes together, give advice on how to use the Toy-Con and offer guidance if you need to make repairs. Curious players who love this area will definitely want to advance to the Toy-Con Garage after being acquainted with the basics.

Nintendo Labo Release Date

The Nintendo Labo was released in the UK on the 27th April 2018 (a week later than the US). It's expected that more kits and Toy-Con Garage features will be released later, spreading the fun out even more.

Remember, to play with Nintendo Labo you'll also need a Nintendo Switch.

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