What to ask Siri and Google Assistant this Christmas

What to ask Siri and Google Assistant this Christmas

Whether you've forgotten the recipe for cranberry sauce, or you need to set a reminder to purchase a particular Christmas present, smart assistants can be extremely useful - especially over the festive period. But on top of making holiday tasks easier, the likes of Siri and Google Assistant can be a great source of entertainment too.

Bring some Christmas cheer into your home, and check out what you should be asking Siri and Google Assistant this December.

Christmas with Google Assistant

If you own a Google Home device, a Google Pixel handset or another compatible Android phone, you can easily activate Google Assistant. Here's a few things you can ask over Christmas - just remember to start with 'Okay Google'.


Do you believe in Santa?

You don't need to worry about Google slipping up and revealing Santa's secret. If you ask Google Assistant if it believes in Santa, it'll reply with a witty answer: 'If Father Christmas gave me a present, I wouldn't ask any questions'. Your cover won't be blown, and whoever dared question jolly Santa Claus' existence will learn a valuable lesson.

Do you want to build a snowman?

Did you know Google Assistant is a Frozen fan too? Simply say 'OK Google, do you want to build a snowman?' to hear the Disney-inspired response 'Sure, the cold never bothered me anyway'. Whether younger family members love Olaf or are all about Elsa, they're sure to enjoy Google Assistant's response.

Where is Santa?

Thanks to Google's partnership with NORAD, you can keep track of Santa on Christmas Eve by asking about his whereabouts. Google Assistant will reply with his current location, but unfortunately it won't be able to tell you exactly when Santa will arrive at your house.

Let's play Ding Dong Coconut

Did you know you can play games with Google Assistant too? Test your memory with the family-friendly sound and word association game Ding Dong Coconut, or if there are Star Wars fans around why not say 'Okay Google, let's play Star Wars Trivia' instead to see just how well they know the franchise.

Season's Greetings from Siri

Siri is feeling festive too, and there are plenty of Christmas-themed questions you can ask Apple's intelligent assistant. Available across all Apple devices, just remember to start with 'Hey Siri,' before saying the following:


Please call Santa Claus

Do you have children in the family? Sadly, anyone who asks Siri to call Santa won't get Mr Claus on the line, instead they'll hear 'Calling 555… wait, I'm getting some electromagnetic interference from the North Pole' from Siri. All hope isn't lost however, if you to do want to chat to Santa you can search for the Speak Santa app on Apple's App Store and fire up a conversation. While you're there, why not take a look at our blog on the Best Christmas Apps for more festive app inspiration.

Where is Santa’s home?

Curious to learn more about where Santa spends his time 354 days of the year? When it's not Christmas Eve, you'll find him at home in the North Pole - which Siri is lucky enough to have sight of. Ask 'Where is Santa's home?' and it'll reply with 'I can see his house at the North Pole from way up here in the cloud.'

"I see a little silhouette of a man"

Did you know Siri is a fantastic singer? Just utter the start of Bohemian Rhapsody, and get ready for a rendition courtesy of Siri around the table. Perfect for post-Christmas dinner entertainment, or just whenever you need a laugh.

Which is the best phone for Christmas?

Siri's not too amused by this one. You'll be met with disbelief, and this short answer: 'Seriously?'.

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